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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Jul 2, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    Could This Explain Blue's and Other Libroid Erratic Behavior?

    Yale (liberal) psychiatrist Sammuel Wilkinson discusses the relationship between marijuana use and the development of Schizophrenia. Google it.

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    • This would certainly explain blue's erratic, illogical and vicious behavior.

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    • they are simply uneducated from uneducated parents.....

    • Thumbs up or as Blue would say a "HIGH Five"....

      I always knew there was something off about the boy......

      Schizo pretty much sums it up in my book.......Hopefully one of themselves will get the correct medicine they needs before they go further bananas.....


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    • Just asking.

    • Beach, No surprise here! When blue concocted that phone call story last Dec., and bade this board adieu on preacher's recommendation, then came back just 3 days later, I knew what we were dealing with...a pathological, psychotic, schizoid, like all progs are.

      Ya just can't make this up, they are always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, while telling you a story of the price of tea in China to distract. It the story fails, you are either a RACIST, a MISOGYNIST, or whatever is expedient, and they will try to demonize the heck out of you.....sad but true.

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      • Well, well, well.. Look who is making fun of the mentally ill. The contards have expanded their repertoire from blacks, gays, the poor to include these tortured souls . How Christian. This must be "Compassionate Conservatism" in action! I see it is time for a review of your transgressions again, as you seem to have quite the aversion to TRUTH.
        I was teaching you about Jesus and backing up the TRUTH with Scripture. I posted a link to my church for you to read and learn about Christianity as it was intended, but you close your ears to TRUTH. You were clearly embarrassed and humiliated so you lashed out at me by calling my preacher, whose # you found on said link, and threatened him with "a visit from the DEA". Realizing what a dangerous lunatic with no sense of boundaries I was conversing with, I switched to another ID so I could monitor what you were posting while staying anonymous, as you had previously posted of your love for guns and all things Glen Beck (confirming your lunacy) and I was scared for mine and my preacher's lives. Ya know, if you hadn't spoken the EXACT words to my preacher that you posted to me, the veil of guilt over your head might not be so clear to see. Pretty dumb, fraudz. I now know that you are a coward, as are most gun toting big mouth bigots, so I don't worry about you going postal at my church so much anymore. You need to stop complaining about being labeled a bigot or racist, when you wear these badges of hate on your chest. You tell watermelon jokes, you laugh it up with Jnichols, another known racist, about spearchuckers and such. You make fun of and hold homosexuals in disdain, you don't believe in equal rights, so why in the world do you complain about others pointing out who you are? Time to grow up and show some accountability for your actions. Repent now, you sad promoter of lies.

    • With all of the multiple Ids these loons use, I believe the study is right on the money.

      Remember if you are schizophrenic, you never have to dine alone.

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