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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jul 2, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    To the loon left losers who think MDs are greedy rich people. Craig tell me where I'm wrong here.

    It takes 4 years of premed school posting a 3.5 or better to get into med school. Then it takes 4 years of med school and the 1 to 2 year of internship, followed by 4 years or more residency. (Waiters make more than residents.) Then you have to practice in a hospital or under a specialist in your field for a few years gaining experience. Then you can go into private practice where it takes years to build up a practice.

    When this is all done a family physician averages $150,000 a year. Yeah that sounds like greed to me for 14 to 16 years of education where you don't make squat for a living.

    All of your pals in under grad school who got out with a bachelors in business start making 60K a year and if they have an MBA 120K a year while a would be doctor still in school makes little or nothing.

    The next time one of you whiney losers, who think doctors make too much and are greedy, gets sick don't be a hypocrite, go see a plumber or worker at Burger King.

    Is it any wonder I call the loony left ignoramuses?

    Family Physician / Doctor
    779 salaries $150,570
    Physician / Doctor, Internal Medicine
    660 salaries $162,917
    Physician / Doctor, General Practice
    310 salaries $126,315
    Physician / Doctor, Emergency Room (ER)
    306 salaries $196,361
    Physician / Doctor, Neurologist
    220 salaries $175,600
    Physician / Doctor, Radiologist
    217 salaries $246,244
    Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OB/GYN)
    156 salaries $194,034

    Country: United States | Currency: USD | Updated: 30 Jun 2013 | Individuals Reporting: 4,007

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    • Your fake misdirection of anger toward people who are not on your side politically is just dumb.

    • Where your wrong is that it is the conservative Republicans who are forever screaming, and scheming to cut health programs, which Republicans call "entitlements" like Medicare (and medicaid,) which Republican cutting will also cut earnings of doctors drastically.

      It is hard to understand why smart doctors, going through years of higher education, can not see and understand, that it is the conservative Republicans who are forever trying to reduce doctor earnings via Republican attacks on Medicare and Medicaid programs. The day conservative Republicans ever succeed in eliminating Medicare and Medicaid, so that the rich and their corporations can pay even less taxes, is the day millions of old, and less well of young people, including those layoff and outsourced workers, will be forced to stop going to their doctors for treatments of their illnesses. That will be the day doctors will begin to lose millions of none rich patients, and get pay millions of times less.

      It is the Republicans in Congress who are pushing for higher interest rates on student loans, which will hurt medical students who need student loans for their long years of study, so that the rich can pay even less tax. It is the Republicans who are pushing for higher drug profits for big pharma, so that there will be less funds remaining for doctors.

      It is like in the movie Forbidden Planet: "You still don't understand do you. It is you Morbius who is the monster!"

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      • You have hit it correctly, rmcags, the Repubs are so patriotic that they will do everything they can to kill Obamacare even if that harms the health of their fellow Americans and even if they knew they could help the country and their fellow citizens by helping, or at least not totally obstructing, efforts to make it something that would improve our peoples health and length and quality of life while also significantly cutting costs. All would have to agree, such an outcome would be truly wonderful but most certainly not if it is achieved at a sacrifice of ideological purity.

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    • Pole,

      Hope your tongue isn't frozen to the north pole.....

      Anyway Doc isn't you normal kind of doc....

      You see he kind of examines your issues and then recommends old school technology e.g. charcoal tablets, dandelion root, etc....

      So, his healing hospital will suffer much more than the pharmaceutical companies that make billions on prescription medicine....

      Happy 4th to you and you to Elk11...Elk11 you going too polish that water cooled zip browning today, before skinning a crocodile...(he...he...0....)...and fug you 2.....

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    • P. S, u r Wrong By Posting the BS and Asking a Doc... To Support Ur BS.....


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    • Hey Loser... 4 years of school?????

      Now I know why you see urself as LONESOME...

      The Fining 4 years and Job for life should make you less than $100K / year.....

      The Specialists......, for your IDIOT REFERENCE..., are those who pillleeee in close to millions/year...

      getting a BCs... and before or after completing that and get ur MD......with close to $200k / year should be happy times...

      In China..... MD is an undergrad degree...

      So...the lonelyone..., if u post in a MB to attract friendship..... then

      u r just that..........Lonley and totally Uninformed...

      Go hug.... a tree....u would be better off......

      F....this has nothing to do with lett, right, north, south,...east or west...

      Hope u get a hug from Doc for trying to be on his side.....

      Should take ur credit card....just in case.the hug comes with a price tag... which I know it will.....

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    • I'll bet that not one of the loons posting has addressed my post that doctors are paid too much and are greedy. Is it because they have abysmal reading comprehension skills or they are so dishonest that they know I am right but change the subject thinking they are clever by diverting away from a painful truth that their ideology keeps them from answering.

      Come on ignoramuses. Answer my post on why you think doctors are greedy.

      If the socialist on this MB are examples of socialists throughout the country, doesn't it paint them a hateful uninformed ignoramuses, blind ideologues?

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    • I had to borrow all the money to go to school and I'm still paying a student loan that is down to 40k and I've been out for over 20 years,, I'm a very busy family practice/ER doc, I built my practice from nothing and now that pric*k BHO wants to take it all away and is doing his best by posing new regulations and decreasing payments,, eventually, I will be forced to close,, its extremely frustrating to watch my hard work go to shie,,t, not only that, my girls will be out of a job,, yes, he is a true leader,, SOB,,

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      • Doc, you and fraud get thumbs down and why do you get thumbs down, because you are telling the truth. These losers hate the truth and if they had a logical, factual argument against you they would presented it but because they they have none, in bitterness they give you and fraud thumbs down.

        I forgot in my post to mention the crushing student loans that doctors have to bear. These losers and they are losers hate any success derived through hard work. The losers avoid hard work like the plague. Welfare, cheap wine and drugs are what they love. Their only ambition is to get stoned and holler in blind anger at the TV.

        These clowns love big intrusive government so they can have somebody make decisions for them and tell them what to do. They are angry, unhappy, hateful, dysfunction jerks, a drag on all of the wage earners in the US. The Democrats/Socialist/Communists love them. They call them their base.

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    • PC, ya forgot to mention how much it costs financially, to become a physician. Plain and simple, progs are envious, jealous, bitter losers, who are always looking for someone to change the rules for, and to success. What they can't achieve, they litigate or out right steal from hard working Americans.....sickening and pathetic.

      Bottom line, progs love slavery, enslaving their fellow man and encouraging plutocracy.

    • Absolutely correct, poleo. There are no greedy or corrupt MDs, just as there are no greedy or corrupt CEOs or Corporations. Further, in case any one is wondering and despite the many recent revelations and proof that it has happened in many other states, no innocent person has ever been executed by the state of Texas.

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