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  • keep_investiing keep_investiing Jul 3, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    OT: Hot Off The Press: So Must Be True

    NASA: Brought Back Stone Tablets From MARS: (Edited By Huffington Post: 343 July 2013:

    Several astronauts found two stone tablets etched with a laser beam in the cave of Roundus in the mouth of the cave of Elk!us........

    The tablets were written with what appeared to be an Elk_! finger (most likely a chocolate covered index phalange.

    After repeated attempts to decipher the stone tablets scientists have discovered that it was indeed an attempt of the Obama administration to prove to all beings in our solar system that he was indeed born in Hawaii.

    Even though 94% of the natives born in Hawaii laugh when they see his squat certificate. Most likely he was born in Kenya where he chooses to celebrate the great day of 4th July allowing the USA Americans to cover his 78 million dollar trip. Some can imagine he is waiting for a feeble African man to pass so that he can try and organize an attempt to have Africa praise his lonely existence in this solar system. And surely it was written on the stone tablets of Mars that the whole world will bow down and marvel at his wonderment as he marks the ants around his existence.

    So, please do naught be naughty and try to be nice....Less Elk_1 and his Homey come take you tonight........

    Peace earthlings......From the Martians that elected him of prior....and of no more existence....

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