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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Jul 12, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    Well, well, well

    Our mb drunk is at it again. Sgt. dooshcanoe nichols can't seem to stay away from the sauce, as he is a weak minded and spineless tool, too degenerate to have even a smidgen of self control. Binge drinking kills, ask dr. Craig. He has seen many MANY deaths and injuries due to alcohol but nary a one due to can^^nabis use. But no, you reefer madness dinosaurs all know better. You contards are all so smart, you know everything about you have never even tried. You mock modern, God given medicine because you were brainwashed like every other American since Anslinger started his propaganda. Fools...all of you. Now go have another drink of loud, violent ignorance, soldier boy. BTW, it's pretty clear I get under your skin as a drunken man's mouth reveals a sober man's heart. I think you are only at about 8 drunken posts obsessing with me, so lets try to get it up to 20 before you pass out in your own urine and vomit. Enjoy and TEN HUT!!

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