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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jul 15, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    Maybe the racist left can tell me why is Joshua Chellew less important than Trayvon Martin?

    Do a search on "Joshua Chellew" and tell me why no national outrage. The only thing I can think of is loony left racism. The same racism that keeps the loons from addressing black on black violence. If you can't or won't identify a problem, you will never be able to solve the problem.

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    • you said it " the only thing I can think of is the loony left"... Get over it and move on with your life constantly posting nonsense and then responding to yourself sounds "loony" to me. BTW: Its not black on black violence its poor on poor violence, happens everywhere and throughout history.

    • you are right on....

      now watch the libs explanations - they will be hilariously irrational and stupid.....

    • Valid...many die every day from violence...many blacks kill blacks yet nothing like this is made of it...more will die from riots ..I blame the press showing picures of him that were 5 years old..and portraying him as a young innocent angel...200 lb dude who had a history of problems..George an obbssed vigilante shot him down after a skuffle where George was getting the worse end of it...I will search Joshua ..