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  • freddyaophelps freddyaophelps Jul 30, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Lifted this from the Q and A section, bottom of Maurie Hill's July 19 blog

    "Maurie, are you allowed to comment about your 1 year results, or do you have to wait until the FDA gives it's approval first?"

    "Hi Mike,
    As a patient, I have no restrictions. It's usually the doctors in the study who cannot comment about results until the study is complete. Though I keep all my results from every visit, I don't feel comfortable being too specific because - I'm not a doctor who can interpret them; I'm not an expert on the test equipment; I don't know how much each test can vary; I don't think one patient's results are as valuable as a group of results; there are so many variables - no one starts out with my exact same visual atrophy, etc. What I do feel comfortable talking about is my trial experience. It was never expected, but if I had a change in visual acuity and it caused me to function better in my daily activities and I had the data to prove it, I probably could not help but to share that! But there is definitely more to the story - safety, anatomical changes, procedure viability, etc. that are noteworthy things to write about. Thanks so much for your interest and patience, I plan to write kind of a one year summary soon! Not trying to keep people hanging - just want to get it right. "

    Treatment was performed July 11 2012, very interested in what she says in the one year summary.

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