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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jul 30, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    O/T- OK, POTUS On The Campaign Trail

    That is what he knows how to do,, and he is talking about supplying jobs for the middle class, which has one of the highest unemployment rate than any POTUS ever in a supposed stable economy, NOT,, Well now, I guess the Keystone Pipeline only supplies a FEW jobs so lets ditch that,, How about we spend and waste billions of tax payer money on green shiet that does not work,, OK, lets pretend that all is good and lets go for infrastructure and tax the folks for this,, I have an idea,, lets let this turn into a capitalistic type job and have companies to build this and keep govt the hell out,, I mean really, anything the POTUS or the govt touches goes to shiet,, look at Odumbocare,, what a fkin waste this is,,
    So we will lower the tax rate on corps and for return we have more SPENDING,, OMG, that is what is killing this country,, No, lets let the private sector start dealing with things and get govt the hell out,, Our govt is bankrupting this country and the morons won't stop,, I mean really,, have you seen some of the kooks that are running our govt and Odumbo is at the top,, Our country is dying and the arrogant idealistic slobs are looking the other way in support for an agenda,,
    Well, like I have said in the past, we have to look forward to the big 3 coming,,
    1. The fall and collapse of the dollar,,
    2.World War 3,,
    3. The bird flu,,
    Basically, it will be a challenge to stay alive,,
    I'm sorry for the more Gloom and Doom,, but this is reality,,

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    • craig -

      There is only one thing 'killing this country'. (Let's ignore the fact 'killing this country' is uber hyperbolic hyperbole.)

      That one thing is large blocks of individuals actively working against other large blocks of individuals, where the subject matter of the contests relate to the fabric of your society, i.e., health, nutrition, education, lines of communication, etc.

      What you need is a sense of community, where (a) everyone is working together towards common goals or (b) large blocks of individuals are endeavoring to out compete, out perform, etc. other large groups. (You, as a nation, had it once.)

      That said, what you have now is a near national, especially within your politicos, sentiment that one can 'win' by causing another to 'lose'.

      That sentiment will be the undoing of your society faster than anything you've described.


    • craig, it is a real puzzle that here you are believing in the continuing success of the development of stem cell treatment in health care but seem to have a need to believe that the development of technology to harness sun power must fail. It seems to me that succeeding there is a necessary part of avoiding Gloom and Doom, and that it is just as possible as the ongoing development of stem cell treatment. Do you think we can and should go on burning coal forever. At some point we would have to import it from the Moon or other planets.

      How did you react to medical sphere initial developments of things like organ transplants, MRI and PET Scan technology, laparoscopic surgery or even, to get back to the other sphere, steps taken to stop the destruction of the ozone layer, etc. ? Did you also initially think they had to fail? If not, why do you think other ongoing developments such as low cost and effective solar power and electric vehicles must fail?

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    • Now dam**it Elk, why would you give a thumbs down when you know I'm right,,

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    • Don't expect rational responses from the loons.

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