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  • fred.daniels85 fred.daniels85 Aug 6, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    for all the paid bashers and the naive folk, the following

    is myth, the ceo has gotten us out from under 20 some lawsuits, has secured 9 million in financing, and backed it up with 35 million of GOOD financing. The lies are being told to you by stock manipulators. The safety by the official data safety management board is 100 % in all trials here and abroad. The efficacy is reversal of blindness to varying degrees, and certainly it is established to be able to HALT the disease, blindness. This is a home run, all the other negative posts are put up by paid hacks, this is what they do for a living. Beware the soft bashers too, for instance, if there is great news the stock MAY GO PAST 10 cents, these are what is referred to as a joke, on you, they want all the shares you are willing to be scared out of. This is a winner and I do not see ANY negative news. The partnership is inevitable, as big pharma cannot UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow ACTC to go to finish phase 3 or for that matter because of their orphan drug status skip phase 2 and go off label. The pressure to lose 55 billion in profits will bring to bear too much weight they will cave, either now or by October just follow the results if they maintain, it will be inevitable.

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