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  • mike21265 mike21265 Aug 12, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    If a reverse stock split is approved

    I own in the .009's and will take the loss. Reverse splits are almost always a disaster. If the company is viable and has a future product that will be a success, leave the stock alone and it will eventually move up. If they do a reverse split, it will be shorted heavily and we will be right back to where we are now. Sure, if trials are positive, it will then move back up, but it would have done THE EXACT SAME THING IF LEFT ALONE AND WE THE SHAREHOLDERS WOULD NOT HAVE LOST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS

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    • I also went through this with Sarepta. Paid 1.00, went to .60, reverse split to $6, sold it at 39.45. It was as high as 47. Lots of dilution along the way, but they had a winning treatment that saves lives. ACTC has the same potential IMO. There are good stories with reverse splits as well as bad ones.

    • I just went through this with a company called (NBS). They did a 1 for 10 R/S NBS went from a .50cent stock to a $8 stock, it’s now just under $7. After the split it seemed that they had all good news coming out daily, earnings, deals being made and being listed, so it helps the company. But for a small time investor like me who lacks the funds to invest it killed me, so I’m on the fence on this R/S.

    • Mike, you're correct the shorts will take it down, soon after the RS happens.
      You do mean you own in the 0.09's, right?

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      • .0091, I was about even a month or 2 ago... If the company is so confident in itself, leave it alone. Good news or great news would could the stock over 1 dollar. And minor news in Oct, major news in Jan, so why bother with a split. Unless there are problems they are not telling us. And why do we see a major selloff. PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE IT. Why do we see stocks soar when a 2 for 1 is announced. That means everything is going great... Then again, how many stocks did 2 and 3 for ones before the 2000 election... That was slightly different though as the country was then taken in a different direction, and world confidence was shattered. I know from dealing with many from other countries that sold near election time