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  • pyar_hi_pyar_ha pyar_hi_pyar_ha Aug 12, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Before the weak hands, bashers get there panties in a uproar, let's do the math here, just requires middle school education

    "Amendment of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation to enable a reverse split of between 1-for-30 and 1-for-100. The current authorization to issue shares as well as the authorization the company seeks in its proxy filing to issue additional shares would be reduced on a pro rata basis if the reverse split is effected"
    1. The authorization to issue additional 1 billion shares divided by reverse of 100= measly 10 million shares
    2. 1 billion shares divided by reverse of 50= measly 20 million shares. Most institutions don't buy shares under $5.00 so the reverse split will amount to $5.00 per share.
    3. Now reading the PR today clearly state that " ACT’s Chairman and CEO. “The upcoming months should be a period of significant value creation as we announce data from our clinical trials, and we want to position the company so that these results receive the maximum exposure in the investment community" So let's see the clinical data will say "ACTC RPE CELL THERAPY HAS 0 SAFETY ISSUES IN CLINICAL TRIALS AND IT HALTED THE PROGRESSION OF AMD/SMD AND REVERSED VISUAL ACUITY IN ALL PATIENTS" The Data will be published in either Lancelet or New England Journal of Medicine, PPs will jump to let's be ultra conservative .20 cents, Actc does a reverse split in ratio of 30 to 1, Stock is listed on NSDQ, can you imagine a single institutional investor that does not want a piece of this?
    4. Relax, buy on these dips, ACTC pps is about to go nuclear in matter of days and vaporize any short and basher on sight.
    5. Measly 7 million shares traded on the down side today out of the 2.5 billion shares out at pps average of .066 = $462,000 wow I am horrified, excuse my sarcasm.)

    Sentiment: Buy

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