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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Aug 15, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

    O/T Rodeo Clown under Investigation?

    Thin skin and fear don't mix too well. A rodeo clown has been banned for life for using an Obama mask in his artistry at a local Missouri fair. Poor rodeo clown is gone and other rodeo clowns MUST be sent to the gulag for "sensitivity training" word, INTIMIDATION, in the land of the FREE?

    When Bush's clown prop was mauled in a New Jersey rodeo, it was all fun and games. Now progs are screaming bloody investigation of this rodeo clown, and call for the SS and the FBI to investigate him for poking fun at our President? Thin skin and Fear is wreaking havoc on progs...just mention Ben Carson, bwahahahahaha

    This is the 4th time in history America fractures. First time with Wilson, second time, under FDR, 3rd time in the 60s, the "free love " crowd. The 4th time is now with the "free stuff" and handout zombies, and it too is about to fizzle like the prog revolutions before it. Listen to Lennon's Revolution song again and it becomes clear he was the pivot point for the fizzle of the 3rd prog attempt to ruin America.

    When I heard Bono's VERY recent speech at Georgetown U. about CAPITALISM and the big ovation he got, I knew there is hope. The I heard Mr. Ashton K's beach side speech about "opportunity is like work" and all the screaming, heartthrob support of his views, I became convinced that America gets it and are ready to rid the frayed American fabric of prog evil. Progs failed before and they are about to fail again, because America has and is still learning her VERY bitter lesson on prog evil. GOD is in control!

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