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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Aug 19, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Chris Christie hoping to rediscover his gonads after his government paid-for lap band surgery

    That republican hero who could do it all but lose weight is hoping to find his testes again after many years of absence in the folds. After New Jersey citizens paid for his lap band surgery via government benefits, the same ones he wanted to cut and make employees pay more into, Christie will run for governor again this fall. He's hoping his non-stop bullguano commercial with the theme of "I'm bigger than the storm", oh oops I mean "we're stronger than the storm" will convince everyone other than those living in and around the shore that he's the big hero for New Jersey. While most of the Jersey shore still looks a wreck, Christie found some children and a stretch of beach to film his, well our New Jersey taxpayer paid 45 MILLION DOLLAR propaganda commercial where you can't see the devastation. I just hope he stopped using the new state police helicopter for his personal use to fly to his kids football game and then onto a meeting of GOP spinmeisters. So while our unemployment rate is still a point higher than the national average, Christie can claim he's the second coming of Reagan, minus the racism.

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    • "Ace of Base Fanatic" LOL LOL. Wow, an all white group from Sweden? When was their last hit here in the US, 1992? Way too funny !!! I think the song was "All that she wants" right? Yeah, the lyrics are "all that she wants is another BABY" !!!! That is way too funny that a GOP CON Republican is a fanatic about a group that sings a song about "all that she wants is another BABY" !!!!! Wow, that's hilarious !!! Do you sing that at the GOP CONvention when you are blaming food stamps for the destruction of the US economy or what? HEHEHEHE, you go ahead and hold onto the past, maybe with a little luck they'll have a concert at the local coffee shop and you can go and relive the good ol' days. Man, they must have seen you coming huh? I guess it's like they say, there really is one born every minute. ~~~All that she want's, is another BABY~~~~LOL LOL LOL. The beat to their songs is kind of awkward and clumsy, not very rhythmic and the melody is like the sound an ATM makes. I feel sorry for your partner !!!! LOL.

    • he will win in a landslide

    • You guys loved him when he was playing nice with Obama during the election. What chumps