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  • binnieo binnieo Aug 19, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    I have a Q about the timing of the negative SeekingA opinion...

    This guy that owns zero shares, waits until the volume and pps goes up a bit then he writes about ACTC's week old announcement... So why is he so interested in this particular stock, did he say? Why this burst of altruism for the ACTC shareholders? Just odd, IMO. I'd say, just vote no to more shares, period.

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    • All good and the writer of the article seems to have a personal agenda....Bottom line is....

      ACTC is a diamond in the rough....the Phase 2a is beginning now and the first patient was already injected...these are the 20/100 eyesight patients and we should get some DSMB reports within 4 to 5 weeks.....positive results here and a Joint Venture is likely that should finally move this pps and a long consolidation.....many other possible IRB's to follow....Platelets and MSC's....HUGE!!!!!


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      • J - I agree that ACTC is a diamond in the rough. Also, I get a chuckle out of these people who when SA would write a positive piece on ACTC - of which there have been plenty - that the guy was a pumper and had a conflict of interest since he was long ACTC. Now that he has written a negative article, the guy is a genius. The truth is, he didn't say one thing in that article that we didn't already know.

        Personally, I continue to oppose the additional shares until the company gives me a good reason to vote for them but I do support the r/s for the purpose of up listing.

        All IMHO.


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      • Agree. Did you read in the June patent application the word Alzheimer's? It would be phenomenal to say the least to have a tx for that. From what I have read in ACTC's patent application, their approach does not cause extraneous tumors associated with other stem cell approaches. I would suggest everyone read the latest patent application. It might settle some jitters.

    • Someone previously stated the board can do whatever they want, no matter how the share holders vote. So even if we vote the r/s down it likely won't make any difference. All boils down to ya either believe in actc or you don't. Personally I'm losing faith that they're actually on the up and up. Hope I'm wrong.