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  • eoinmnm eoinmnm Aug 20, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    NYT confirms S. Alpha

    “The scientific journal Nature has corrected a press release….”

    “Dr. Lanza’s article in Nature made clear that he had NOT saved the embryos in his own experiments, in which he used as many as eight cells from each of some 16 donated embryos.”

    “Nature corrected its statement to make clear that Dr. Lanza’s embryos HAD been destroyed.”

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    • As long as the Democrats win elections, this is not an issue of practical concern.

      If the Republicans win and take control, the right-wing-religious Republicans will try to outlaw BOTH approaches, as neither the ultra conservative religious wing of the Republican Party, nor the Catholic Church had announced any acceptance of the new do-no-harm-by-just-taking-a-single-cell technique. The religious-right wing Republican position is that since there is theoretically at least a small chance that an embryo may be harmed during the extraction of even a single cell, they still consider that the new technique is "harmful" to embryo's. The Catholic Church appears to not wanting to formally accept any thing that involve artificially manipulating embryos.

      Time is of the essence, as the Republicans are trying hard to regain control by winning elections.

      In the early days of the integrated circuits, and microprocessor industry, production "yield" was the main issue. In the early days, semi-conductor factories may produce only less than 5 percent yield, where only 1 out of 20 microprocessor chips work with the rest not working. Sometimes, factories go for months without producing a single working chip. Engineers worked around the clock to track down problems, and improve the manufacturing processes. A lot of knowledge were gained on how to improve "yield" like with ultra clean rooms, pure chemical, and precision control of temperature and the like, that enable today's "yields" to be very high.

      So far in ACTC's trials, there have been successes, but the "yield" may not be that high, as if it were they would be shouting it to the rafters, and money would beat a path to sure bets, whichever exchange the stock is listed.

    • What else would have happened to them? There are thousands of embryos destroyed at clinics everyday as they become old and the clinic will not be liable for any problems they may have. Unfortunately, Lanza being a scientist, probably does not have a full appreciation for the idiocy of many.

    • carelessly discarded is more like it- I often wonder how he didn't know that if he kept them it would have been further proof of "no harm"-really how much space could they take in the freezer. His arrogance that the world would just accept his findings because he says so-cost us years.

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      • demetergreen... Hmmm... Since they are freaking blastomeres, maybe he is a scientist first and just doesn't patronize freaking nutty, religious, zealots? It's just arms, no legs, no head like the word 'embryo' makes one think. For the record I'm agnostic and I don't believe in the whole Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc... thing. It's amazing to be w/o religion... you are good or moral because you think it's the right thing to do instead of coerced into it out of fear of hell or promise of the pearly gates! ... However, with that being said ... I do pray everyday and it goes like this: god/God/Allah, please protect me from your followers, amen.

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    • ACTC IMO seems like a house of cards in the middle of smoke and mirrors.