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  • tony_montello2003 tony_montello2003 Aug 26, 2013 1:12 AM Flag

    Advanced Cell Technology: Investors should consider Buying shares of ACTC before the single most binary event in medical history$$$$$$$$$$$$

    ACTC is about to release the Binary Data from it's trials in it's AMD/SMD trails in coming weeks and it will usher a paradigm shift in medicine. Below are the reasons to buy now:
    1. Both AMD and SMD have unmet need designation by US FDA and EMEA and therefore will be given a special designation when the data is announced that not only has ACTC clinical trials have demonstrated 0 safety issues but also halted the progression of disease in all three trials and not only that 24 of 26 patients have seen improved visual acuity.
    2. Every big pharma company with ophthalmology program is looking at these trials under microscope but they will come with big dollars till after the data release, as they will pay hand over fist for a company with proven positive trial than entering an agreement before that Ex: GSK could have bought HGSI for .40 cents a share back in 2009 for a few million dollars but chose to pay billions for a proven phase 3 data in Lupus (BENLYSTA) and there are other countless scenarios out there like that but ACTC will not have to wait for phase 3 data because if the big pharma wait till than they will be facing near elimination to new world of Regenerative medicine and I can name 5 big pharma companies that will be out of business eve after FDA approval.
    3. Big Pharma can't stop the music now it's getting louder and louder after Dr. Lanza broke the news of a patients with 20/400 legally blind vision went to 20/40 after ACTC RPE therapy.
    4. ACTC binary data will be published in a peer reviewed journal and after that there will be a big media frenzy especially about the patient that went from 20/400 to 20/40. There will other similar cases and no there is no fluke Mr. Ginsburg from Bulgaria you will be the first to buy a new ACTC shirt so you can throw away the wife beater.) or I will just buy you one.) There is no fluke that the biggest eye hospitals in the world conducting trails
    5. Let it be written,
    The time now is to buy, not to sell.
    Dr. Tony Montello.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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