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  • krycap64 krycap64 Aug 30, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

    Is ACTC out of cash?

    The burn on is concerning? By looks of it we are out of cash now or at least in "the zone of insolvency".

    We need some kinda deal or another 1 billion shares for settlement and cash.


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    • Re: The burn................

      Sheeples love feeding the ca$h eating (ACTC) cow. Sheeples can't even use the cow manure to fertilize their vegetable garden........... ain't that right, fighterpilot ?

      FIGHTERPILOT • May 11, 2011 12:57 PM
      Below .20
      Those times are gone and below .30 will not last that much longer. NO BRAINER Anticipation alone will drive the SP higher. Anticipation of a game changer. Just picture this: With every patient, results can be seen in a short time, if the results are positive, overwhelming evidence will accumulate rapidly and lead to FDA approval speed you never have seen before. These are open trials !!!!!! Open trials with results under a microscope. Compare with seeds in your garden, when the plant breaks through the soil and is growing to your favorite vegetable you have with your steak, only totally derailed bashers, super idiots, like the ones we have on this MB, will call this a failure. Bashers are toast !!!! No Brainer !!!!!

      : )

    • crycap..

      not yet.. actc has just begun to offer you some tissues to see again...

    • Yes, ACTC is out of cash and is begging for another million shares. Just like they begged before, and before that as well, and even before that.

      The best idea would be to toss Rabin out, along with his pals - the lawyer who got kicked out of the bar, and the scientist who hypes everything. This stock will be about 2 cents soon... back when I first bought in back in October 2008. None of their science has been proven and very little published. It is all hype that "cannot be talked about or discussed" but "we're making progress." Sure, sure, believe some guy who failed to report millions of sold shares into every rally.

      Nothing much to talk about with this company. Just look at how much the CEO is blogging. Even a tiny company CEO blogs and updates his/her share holders through blogs weekly but Rabin has nothing to say - EVER... and don't give me this "SEC does not want him to talk." I call BS.

    • Teh pump tard a few years agosaid that teh 33 million dollar loan that they got was going to be enough to get them through teh trials . Now that is some funny #$%$......dilution dilution dilution again these sheep will never learn ...i am.....u....daddy........sperma.......