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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Aug 31, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    O/T- Good Move Mr. President

    And smart,,

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    • The reality is that we need to respond to Syrian dictator killing his own people.

      For that matter we need to address, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Yemen, South Africa, and Pakistan.

      They are in a conspiracy to f with western democracy and we should have know this for 50 years.

    • yea right....

    • I think it smart on his behalf even though he looks like and idiot,, maybe by now he know that he does not have the experience for this kind of conflict,, for that matter, no one does, because it is the beginning of WW3,, What is the strategy here,, cause once we pull that trigger, we never get out, and anyone to think this could be a little flick on Assads nose is a dam fool,, that whole dam monster will be unleashed over there and they will bust their a*s*s to get over here and also fk Israel up,,
      Let the American people decide this as it should be,,


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    • He knows this could get much bigger and uglier so he will and should congress to support it. Personally I feel that we have no business there or anywhere else. We need to make it clear that we are not the world police anymore and if US corporations set up shop in other countries they are on their own. We are too quick to protect big business when it puts it's nose where it does not belong.

    • I knew that Obama was incapable of making a serious decision like going to war. I also knew that he either had to come up with a plan to blame the republicans or someone else if things went wrong before he made a decision. He may have felt that he didn't need anyone's approval to go to war, he just didn't have the guts go it alone. I personally don't want to waste our money or the lives of a single American to try and stop a fight that has been going on between muslims for centuries. I hope congress votes to not go to war. I will be calling my congress people before they vote. I am not sure Obama will ever get the Dems to vote for war and only John McCain and Lindsey Graham will support him from the Republican side. If McCain and Graham vote for a war, they will not win reelection. I sure hope they vote for War.

    • 80 percent of the American people did not want him to launch. Now we will see just how the people really feel with a vote,, and the timeline really matters little as long as Assad gets his #$%$ kicked and more importantly, killed,, I said early on that I thought a lot of innocent people need not die and just kill him and his whole fkin family,,

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    • Lame and weak.
      "In a hastily organized appearance in the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama said he had decided that the United States should use force but would wait for a vote from lawmakers, who are not due to return to town for more than a week. Mr. Obama said he believed he has authority to act on his own but did not say whether he would if Congress rejects his plan."

    • I strongly disagree. I think that in spite of his big boy voice, his message was very weak. "Once our congress gets back from vacation you guys are in big trouble" They must be ROTFL in Damascus.

    • You're despicable and a disgrace to be an American I'm ashamed to have ever met you....What about all those poor innocent children Craig?what if they were your relatives how would you act then.

      Good day!!!!!!!!!!

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      • You've got it, asscan. This was virtually an act of at least domestic treason by The President of the United States, especially to Fox News who had their top commentators lined up with mountains of material to, in no uncertain terms, tear apart the President's decision to attack Assad's facilities. They were virtually frothing at the mouth to get going with it. Then they were all stuck with having to suddenly come up with totally improvised and unprepared arguments and attacks against Obama for not attacking. This was truly a terrible moment in US history and viciously unfair to the prestigious Fox News commentators.

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