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  • jc4actc jc4actc Sep 4, 2013 7:32 AM Flag

    Does Japans push on Stem Celsl put more pressure on Big Pharmas to now act

    quicker on acquisitions? It has to start doing something to get in the game and it seems ACTC is the leader here in the states and the UK. So far advanced maybe the Japanese will start looking at ACTC. I take it as good news. Might tell the FDA and EMA to hurry up. Lets go already! type of attitude needed here at this point. This is going to get real good.

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    • USA again will fall behind Japan, since the approval process if extremely very slow. And, this is why, the US i falling behind in other areas also.

      Also, Japan will copy everything that ACTC has done and they will get the credit to be in the stem cell market first. Japan government will fund their marketing plan also, whereby ACTC is doing it alone w/o partners. Again, ACTC management is waiting for the golden goose reward, and in my opinion, it's a dumb initiative. Maybe with this Japan Stem Cell devolopment, things will change for ACTC.

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    • No-it will make the FDA hold their position as the world-authority on safety and effectiveness.The Japanese will copy ACTC before they will EVER give them credit or business.

    • Still a lot of unknowns with the science. Rushing thru the process could yield some nasty results, so I doubt the fda or the ema will go any faster than they currently do. Japan could have some trouble down the road if they take some testing shortcuts.

    • Hopefully the Japanese push on stem cell treatments gets our government doing the same, because thats a huge economic gain for the country that takes the lead.