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  • booskiadam booskiadam Sep 7, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    For those of you on Federal fixed income ELK KEEP NJ BLUE

    and cannot vacation except on the public beeches, read Docs vaca update without putting hate on there! Try it you will like it!

    Perhaps Obama will attach a vaca stipent to the healthcare law so you wellies can go on VACA

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    • Beech trees are public? Never stop posting boos, I truly enjoy reading your hateful, dishonest and clearly self loathing posts. BTW, I tend to do music festivals on my vaca time, hunting , fishing and drinking are not my style.

    • LOL. you're funny without trying to be. Hey guess what? OBAMA, a BLACK MAN, WON RE-ELECTION in a landslide !!!! How'd your last 2 candidates do? Oh, oops, sorry didn't mean to scratch that scab off your racist wounded soul. LOL. Hey CON, how's the 40 PLUS attempts by the CON Controlled house to repeal Obamacare going anyway? What, you got nothing? Well gee whiz, sounds like you right wing racist CONS are wasting tons of American Taxpayer dollars doing NOTHING again. Did you know it takes about 2 weeks to attempt to repeal Obamacare each time, at a cost of appx $24 MILLION each time? So roughly, $24 MILLION times 40 times equals almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS WASTED BY THE GOP CONTROLLED HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Speaking of vacations big guy, are the CON in the HOUSE back from theirs yet? I mean, with all the complaining you guys do there certainly isn't any time for vacations is there? LOL. It's ok though, you old racist cons are dying out, sadly not fast enough but it's happening and you poor things are just so incredibly bitter about your "minority" status now. Hey BOO, YOU LOSE !!!!

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      • Congress isn't back in full until this week. Getting set to vote on Barry's war - how ya liken that NJ?

        And your cost at efforts on repealing Obama care are as stupid as the efforts themselves. The cost to run congress is the cost. There is no bill sent to the government to pay for these efforts. At best there is an opportunity cost, but honestly it might be best for this congress to just waste time