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  • godfreydaniel36 godfreydaniel36 Sep 12, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Starting to wonder if I'm the biggest FOOL...

    here! Just added 15,000 more to my 325,000 shares to = 340,000. These 15K @ 0.061. Now average is 0.075. Not a lot of volume for a rout? Maybe that comes Friday? Anyone have any worthwhile opinions as to the daily action? Seems to me, with the relative low volume, it is the weak hands folding and the strong hands not wanting to drive the price higher. Anyone? Where is our savvy gal, Karen_L?

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    • Soon to be 3.7 billion bloated shares w big reverse split coming. You might get lucky..but more than likely will lose money on this pipe dream..where insiders sold 11 million shares and didn't even disclose to the sec..which is now looking into. Good luck here you may very well need need it..

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      • Hey Hey Snap Sap shortcake on roast,
        There you are!!! I have been looking for you! How are those lotto tickets working out for you? What state are you in buddy? Power ball is what day again? Was hoping for you to give me some numbers. You said I am better off taking my money and spending on lotto tickets than buying this stock.. Sound advice. maybe pick 4. Box it! Got to go . I will seek you out later. Lotto ! LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Before you get down on yourself-look at the one year chart-.061 it's not that bad-you could have been a little more patient. Low volume on ACTC just means the day traders and swing traders after those kind of PRs moved on-but they'll be back!!!

    • iamudaddiii Sep 12, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

      good 4 u godfrey!.......................gotta spend it 2 make it .........hopefully..............!................perna

    • 1 1/2 month ago pps was .08. MMs seem to feel no need to fill gaps up. Price is so low now the traders will stomp out any rally at .07. And it goes on and on. Lower lows - lower highs. 20/400 to 20/40 has met nothing to this stock. Something fishy going on imo.

    • I think it bounces around .055 to .06... i don't think it trades lower than that on no news. the low volume indicates to me it's mostly small shareholders selling. given they are injecting the remaining patients faster than i expected... at this rate, they will be done in about two weeks... so I expect there will be a press release when the last patient is confirmed to have done with the procedure without issues... i think the stock pops a little on that.... say, it starts trading in the .065 to .07 range... and then i think it starts picking up in October... and any positive news will start taking this stock higher...

      Here's how we can easily get a double on the stock soon:

      1) Announcement of the completion of the last patient injected without issues.
      2) The SEC issue gets resolved and there's an announcement. The penalty is lower or as expected... this is positive.
      3) Legal judgement in favor of ACTC related to the remaining disputing warrant holders.
      4) ACTC publishes safety and efficacy data details for all patients.
      5) FDA and regulators, review board - view results and expedite Phase II - i.e. orphan drug status or break-through drug status......
      6) JV partnership with big pharma on some of their other programs
      7) Investment by investors at much higher prices than current price -- well funded for next few years
      8) Announcement of timing of uplisting and reverse share split

      If all 8 fall positively for ACTC, this stock will more than double. But probably not everything goes in favor. But as long as the science works out, i think we will get a double within the year.

    • Your scenario makes as much sense as anything else. Hard telling where the share price is headed next. Hoping we bounce back to at least .07, but I won't be surprised with more downside. Thought for awhile that the 52-week low would be retested, but that before the upgrade. You got a lot of shares. Hope this penny stock pops big for ya.