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  • binnieo binnieo Sep 15, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

    Thank God for Dr Schwartz and Dr Lanza! ACT may ride on their coattails into greatness...

    I have to agree with Keep on GR. I think after reading way to many articles and trying to figure out the selling of shares w/o filing... IMO, GR's greediness for $$ outweighed his belief that Dr Lanza would come through with a stem cell breakthrough! Personally, I bet GR was shocked shitless when the safety studies proved efficacy!!! old GR was thinking it was another company for selling shares when he signed on!
    Read the UCLA NEWS vignette on Dr Schwartz below. He and Dr Lanza ARE the real deal....ACT may make it despite the business side trying to #$%$ Dr Lanza's success! I'm thinking we have good news for Oct! Why else would the FDA let the trials proceed to more institutions and patients with better vision?? Maybe we can put the bad years to rest...FINALLY!

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    • Binnieo, there was talk on iCell that Rabin sold as a condition of a divorce settlement. Regarding the Form 4 filings we still don't know the details around this, but what is clear is that there was no way that this wouldn't come out at some point - point is, if there was no way to get away with it, why would someone even try.

    • Binnieo,
      I have to concur 100% with your statement about Lanza and Schwartz! But I would also include Rosenfeld and Regillo and Elliott. all are of the highest caliber in their respective fields, the Retina and Eye health in general!
      The caliber and credibility conferred by these folks to the ACTC RPE platform is a testiment to the foundation layed by Lanza!
      As far as your statements about Gary Rabin, I will say to you the same thing I have said to Keep, if Gary Rabin and or anyone else has knowingly failed to file or done any other illeagal act, neglected their fudiciary responsibilities in anyway, each and everyone should be held accountable!
      I for one will wait for the results of the current investigation by the SEC to come to any conclusion and I believe the cards will fall one way or the other on the merits!
      I think there is more than oneway this may have happened, including a joint account, with his now divorced wife!