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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Sep 17, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    Should I buy at these prices?Why yes,that thought has crossed my mind....

    In fact,every time the pps hovers around a all time low I ask myself that very question(and believe me,I've asked it many times).
    Now the first time it happened I eagerly logged into my E-trade account,checked available funds,and then crafted a huge purchase order.I carefully checked the overall maket condition.real time stock quote and double checked the order to make sure conditions were right.
    I accurately positioned the mouse pointer over the bright purple"Place order"button beckoning me from the screen.I felt the smooth plastic surface of the mouse button beneath my index finger,closed my eyes,and then...........A flash of Inspiration -Wait a bit-....Reluctantly,I rolled my mouse away from the button,excited E-trade,and then after some time had elapsed,rechecked the pps.
    Sure enough,and even a better buying opportunity presented itself.I repeated the exact same process,over and over,without ever buying a single share.
    In fact,this summer I calculated all of the money I saved by not following through with that initial click,and then used it to finance a nice vacation for my kids and I to enjoy being together before school started.


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    • I'm planning my winter vacation now maybe I'll try the same technique and see if it works again?

      KMA....=....Keep me advised..........I'll let you know Yags?...........(:o)


    • nice, so have your masters covered yet, or do they think it will go lower before they do....based on your commentary obviously you feel or hope that it will go lower....thats cool....lets see if you are right....I've even replied to your nonsense so little johnny can go to college someday.....your welcome! :D

      • 2 Replies to yags_2001
      • Strategy still working Yags ....need a little help pal where should I take the crew this go around?

        East coast,West coast or maybe a stay-cation?................(:o)

        = ^ . . ^ =

      • I've even replied to your nonsense so little Johnny can even go to college someday....your welcome!;D

        yags_2001 technically it should be You're welcome;D which leaves what the "D"represents and I'm very sure its a word that your boy-friend has used many times........although GL my sour little dumpling "D"....I appreciate the conjecture "DKH".....Maybe if he's lucky Obama has a free grant that he won't have to pay back off the hard earned money Americans pay in...... not knowing where the money goes?I'm sure little Johnny will get his fare share over time,so don't worry pal......