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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Sep 21, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Is ACTC a questionable investment?....I'd like to think so?are there serious investors here?

    You're kidding....Right?...But in case you are not,let me walk you through what happens when a serious investor chances upon ACTC.
    First,he clicks "Max"on the stock stock chart to get a sense for the overall performance of the company.Then,imagining himself standing on the stock chart.glances back over his shoulder and in horror sees the line-plot equivalent of Mount Everest looming behind,with an 7.00 share peak so high that it nearly reaches into outer space.
    Then,musing that if this really were a mountain,and it were covered with snow,it is so steep and so high that with one cough he would be crushed into oblivion by the ensuing avalanche.Traumatized,and pondering on the sheer magnitude of ruined lives and fortunes represented by the chart just witnessed,he seeks further insight by browsing the message board.
    After clicking through a few messages,he gasps in amazement at the concoction of sophomoric diatribes peppered with spam bots,Here he finds posts filled with base,degrading and offensive language toward women,gays..even anti-Semitism.It's as if fellow posters are not considered real people with real feelings-and reminds him of the cruel treatment of other children in school receive at the hands of their peers
    when they don't quite fit in.Hardly daring to click further,he finds Schizophrenics who've created entire conversations with themselves using multiple Id's spanning months,inventing fantastic delusions of wealth and grandeur while quoting entry and exit points that don't even exist on the chart.

    Finding nothing whatsoever related to the company or investing,he realizes that he may have just compromised himself with an entity of questionable reputation.panicking,he seeks the nearest exit,
    frantically pounding his way out using "alt-F4".he clears his cookies and browsing history and performs a full-drive virus scan to remove all memory and traces of the as a investor I wish you best of luck


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    • Serious investors like Buffett don't touch high risk techie stocks like ACTC it appears. It is unlikely most average investors deal with risky early stage development high tech micro stocks either.

      It appears to me there are two major types of people involved with this type of stocks: people who like to deal with early stage hi-tech biotech stocks, and shorts who like to take advantage of early stage micro cap stocks. Because this stock involves an unusual area of ESC's, there is a third type involved with this stock: religious-right- wing-Republicans. As ESC entails a lot of religious and conservative politics, it appears that this message board is saddled with hordes of religious and political bashers, who may in addition be shorts.

      There are a few investors of the forth type, who are either patients, or who are potential patients. There are very few of this type of investors. It can be safely say that few super rich people invest in this stock to prepare for the day when they get old, and when they may have a need for this kind of regenerative medicine. Recently, someone posted that a billionaire donated 25 million dollars to a research university, which is developing similar eye regenerative treatment. Maybe a multimillion dollar donation to a university is tax deductible, while a loss on a biotech is less deductible (limited by 3K per year, but more can be used to offset stock gains.) It appeared that a certain billionaire did not invested in a small cancer drug development company, which is a few that was working on his type of cancer. He appeared to have the means to easily taken over the company, and using his vest business building skills to create a cure. But, that is not the way the super rich people thinks. Maybe biotech is too hi-tech for them.

      Thus, we are left with the two types of investors: biotech investors, and the shorts who prey on early stage biotech stocks, plus in this case, the rightwing-religions-republican-libertarian bashers

    • Trying awfully hard to sound intelligent? You just described every message board.

    • Great post thanks.

    • Wow finally a person with clear vision here.

      IMO hahaha cha cha cha

    • Thanks for the lesson, Longhorn. GLTU.