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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Oct 4, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Hey Tea Party hostage takers, WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!

    Weren't those the words you phonies used to garner support, as if you care about, the disgruntled middle class who were actually suffering from the tax cuts for the rich, and the deregulation that caused the economy to collapse under BUSH? Everyone knew the Republicans were responsible for that, so the Republicans went out and created this so-called "grass-roots" group called the Tea Party who could pretend they WEREN'T the Republicans but in reality they were WORSE than the Republicans. They are funded by billionaires who want continued deregulation and heartless cuts to the needy, all the while pretending to support "Christian" values. Yeah, the spinners knew no one would vote for the GOP anymore after their complete disregard of this countries well being, so they got these Tea Bag losers to pretend they were different and of course with their billions of dollars spread that garbage far and wide, throwing in a degree of racism for good measure. Yeah, well, everyone is now onto these Tea Bag losers too. Sadly, they are still in a minority of a minority position and can unfortunately spread their anti-American will to the rest of the country. Anyone middle class can see these people have done absolutely nothing for the middle class. No jobs bills, they don't want you to get healthcare and they've blown nearly a BILLION DOLLARS trying to repeal THE LAW OF THE LAND, The AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT. Hey TEA PARTY, do something for WE THE PEOPLE, or GET OUT. Your billionaire funders already have enough money and will turn their back on you the minute they get what they want from you.

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