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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Oct 5, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    This board used to be somewhat entertaining with different points of view,Until Obama shut the"Govt"down unwilling-

    To negotiate,which caused much division amongst some of the share holders on the message board,I know heated words have been slung inmaturely.which I in-fact also participated in as well and maybe some feelings have gotten hurt over such embraces I'd like to apologize for my part to a few to ease my own conscious to people like Dan sweet,robocop/rob,bluecloud,elk,MotherT,and maybe a few others after the smoke had cleared now we all realize the wrong of Obama's policies that are unconstitutional and illegal which goes against the Liberties and freedoms of what America stands for hopefully the Democrats will come to their senses and do what's "Right"for the good of the country next week.....that is really all I have to say....

    Oh one more thing before I forget.......njdanny69......KMA.....and FYI, doesn't mean"keep me advised" either.....lmao.......(:o)


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    • 2009 the slime balls constructed a bill by lobbyist in some filthy back boiler room while Americans celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas degrading can these animals get without the support of the people?like little children that don't get their way they resort to lying cheating and stealing........LMAO

      All terds........................ IMO

    • Right you are longhorn and a decent thing you did. There are many poor souls like the ones you mentioned who, through no fault of their own, were born with weak wills and minds that are easily swayed. Hopefully, the future of stem cells will unlock the mystery of this medical condition. Your efforts to help them through this malady have been indeed commendable. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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      • Thanks for the support dickw3939 my post was somewhat sarcastic with a flare of comedic acceptance allowing the other side to learn and feel as we,but revealing true thoughts as you also did gives clear stance of what our elected officials were sent to do in the first place holding true to their word and not being persuaded other wise.upholding the Constitution that all should consider as valid and true.We as Americans have much more to lose if this injustice does not get repealed believe it or not our Liberties have been trampled on Liberals out there,this I believe will be a turning point for the worst for this Nation if Democracy doesn't work for the good of all......peace.

        American Declaration of Independence (1776)

        "Government derive their just powers from the consent of the governed....Whenever government becomes destructive to life,Liberty,or property{i.e,the pursuit of happiness},it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it...It is their right,it is their duty,to throw off such government,and to provide new guards for their future security."

        Ps.......dickw the cure by stem-cell for the Libs?..............lmao
        And for njdanny69....I don't role like that maybe give "fricnpos"a call.....meow!


      • Forgot to add "tongue in cheek".

    • Bare it and we'll share it Longhorn?.......bring it on!

      Cheers...njdanny69..........slurp slurp