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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Oct 7, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Tea Party losers 7 day destruction of our country and no end in sight.

    You have to love these losers who claim it's President Obama who won't raise the debt ceiling. Hey dopes, if President Obama could raise the debt ceiling, IT WOULD BE DONE. No, sadly he needs these anti-American, billionaire bought and paid for Tea Bags to do their part as so called "patriots" to keep this country solvent. Now, thanks to a few billionaires hiding behind groups like "Citizens United", our country is bordering on financial collapse. What do the Koch brothers care? They are old and very rich so they'll never live long enough to live through the devastation they are creating. Meanwhile, the moronic Tea Bags who haven't got a clue to our history or government procedures are busy grandstanding and cashing their paychecks as well as the checks written to them by the Koch Brothers. VOTE THESE FOOLS OUT OF OFFICE, if there is any office after they get done bringing down the country.

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    • 40% of American polled say the debt ceiling should not be raised, hmmm

    • You're the dope! It's plainly obvious that you have COMPLETELY NO IDEA that the US Government is already BANKRUPT! We are bankrupt because all of you liberal idiots have continued to spend money we never had,, and your solution is what??? LET'S BORROW MORE MONEY! Yeah, right even an 8 year old knows you can't pay bills with borrowed money,, IT DOESN't WORK! Now we all pay the price for your previous ineptness... The TeaParty has been sent to Washington to stick a flag in the ground and say "NO MORE BORROWING" It's time to pay the bills and CUT the expenses !!! Fortunately for the majority of us "Normal Educated Americans" the Tea Party now has enough power to pull it off!! SUCKS TO BE YOU, , go get a job.

    • The Tea Party is old school and believes in things like not spending money you don't have, and work for what you want, among other time proven beliefs. Although I am not a member of that party I do subscribe to the beliefs. Miserable libs want to the world to be perfect which can never happen as long as humans exist. Nobody really cares about you except you regardless of what they say. I was raised to not be a burden on anyone else. Self reliance is the key, not waiting for somebody else to pull your load. This country is turning to #$%$ fast.

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      • Greg, Western cattle farmers are the number one freeloaders & who do they vote for. Their great grand daddy’s got their land for free during the great land rush (grab) & to this day they insist on grazing there cows on public lands & ask for subsidies of other kinds. Bog oil is number two freeloader & who do they vote for? You are right that a lot of lost souls look for freebies, but big Republican contributors are a HUGE problem so spread the blame around instead of just on the lower class.

      • Meanwhile, gregory you are letting the biggest freeloaders, the multi $Billion Corporations and Plutocrats to scam you like crazy.

        That doesn't say a lot for your great sense of self-reliance and everyone pulling their load.

      • Have the Tea Party intelligentsia considered that not raising the debt limit will significantly increase borrowing costs for everyone as US (including Tea Party louts) will have a major black mark in their credit rating.

        Obama says raise the debt limit with no negotiation. What is there to negotiate, just raise it. If the mad hatters of the Tea Party do not, then everyone will know who to blame for raising interest rates and recession.

    • Danny do you work for msnbc, oh sorry, well dont worry someday you will find a job and you will feel better about yourself. you should try that job thing, its really good for self-esteem,