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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding Oct 9, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    a stock tip for ya

    now is a great time to buy PHM (pulte) gettin hammered with Govt. shut down 52 week high was 24 bucks .....will retest that by spring at the latest.......thumbs down me if ya like but if ya snooze ya loose

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    • Good idea but I'd rather just buy the ITB to spread the risk around. You have to really follow the interest rates to invest in the home builders. I might bite on a little dip in this space. Maybe the clowns in DC will give me a chance in Jan. Clown master Cruz is so full of himself he will be honking his red nose saying, "look at me, look at me!". My educated republican friends are so embarrassed. Meanwhile Obama will make the marines wear raspberry berets and dance to the old Prince tune. We need a militant middle of the roader to spank the radicals on both sides of the isle.

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      • certainly interests rates are important but many places here in michigan have really turned into a sellers market....inventory is low....there building and if rates begin to rise .....rather than deter it may be lets get in before they rise more....however the fed hasn't tapered .....political garbage probably slowed down prospect of tapering....then ya got yellen comin in and I even heard a rumor although i doubt it that she might beef up quanitative easing....

        ITB has got stuff like home depot etc....... not sayin not good just it is up less than 10 in the same two week period.......Pulte was based here moved headquarters to Atlanta but still a heavy presence ......they are building down the street from me.....and their yanking homes down in the ghetto ......Lets look back in 4 months and see where ITB and PHM are

    • up 15 percent since this post