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  • keep_investing keep_investing Oct 11, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Ever wonder how Maxim came up with a target price of 45 cents?

    Well quit wondering as it was based on nothing but BS. As we all know, ACT has extremely low revenues and a negative earning stream, in other words they just burn cash, not earn it, so there's no way they could have calulated a 45 cent share price. Therefore in my opinion this was just madeup by Maxim, so that Gary could fool the shareholders into voting for another reverse split attempt, along with the 1B share increase thats being dumped on the shareholders back once again. Hopefully enough of you saw through this scheme and voted against these two proxy issues, if not, then we're all getting screwed once more by Gary.

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    • I would think they were basing it off the forward momentum of ACTC completing and publishing their two phase two trials, getting an orphan grant, and possibly partnering with big pharma for their synthetic blood cells and platelets. I feel that Robert Langer will be a big part of this happening. I don't really like the fact that our CEO was a ex hedge fund manager, but I will deal with it because of the science behind the company. We need to keep momentum and awareness of the stock high. I would like to see more arrivals related to stem cell research but then again I'm not connected any way to the media so all I can do is hold on to these cheap shares. Good luck all longs.

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      • sbb, you need a thick skin to post on this board. Writing something logical about ACTC hurts their heads and they respond with the red thumb. 95% of the posts are from less than 25 aliases, probably less than 10 different people. Some are straight bashers, some just like to spout political nonsense, 1 or 2 are religious zealots who think ACT is killing embryos and some are share holders who are just bored and waiting for news. If we are right, the real shareholders will have the last laugh, if not I have still had alot of laughs here.

      • WTH I give you people sound information and you give me thumbs down. Now wonder why this board sucks. I will be keeping my valuable information to myself from now on. I have been wowed today.

      • On another note, so you don't sound ignorant again, start up biotechs never produce profit. You are investing in the potential of the company's future, not its current earnings.

    • You are such a moron. Revenue? LOL

    • Obviously it is not based off of revenues. Quit while you are somewhat ahead. You are an extremely cheesy, and fake basher. Super Cheesy.

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    • Once again, you've found a way to lible and defame becuase you have no understanding of fincance, how stocks are valued or any personal integrity. Or succinctly, you are FOS.

      Stocks with limited to no revenue, negative earnings are vlaued all the time. It's based on the future or intrinsic value of the business. Perfect example is when the ACT first went public - they prepared a prospectus, did a road show and the underwriters were able to generate financing that valued the company at $154m - about where it is today. ACT was in a much earlier phase then and still the market put a value on it. All Maxim is doing is updating that analysis.

      Now I don't discount that the company went to Maxim for a valuation - that is fairly common.

      Go read a freakin book or something.

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      • Beach? I may not agree with most or any of your posts but this one is your best. Yes 'KEEP' found a way to lible and defamation. But 'KEEP' has been doing this for many months if not years . So 'KEEP' is going to find out the hard way . 'KEEP' along with DEM and ELK are going to be sued . The legal process has already started. Its going to be interesting to see which one of them has to pay more . Stay tuned . Mothertheresa is all over this as well as me .

      • Theres, nothing I've said is untrue, so why don't you go vote for GW once again, thats something you're good at.

      • Nott, I know far more than you on how stocks are valued, because I went through the senario of the AMD being a $30B market, and the share price of just a fraction of this market would put it far above 45 cents. So I am saying that I believe just made up the 45 cent target price to help Gary get the proxy RS vote. Now if I am wrong let Maxim and Gary prove it, and until they do I am just going to stick with my summation of what they're doing.
        And let me ask you, Nott, why do you so desperately cling to Gary's boots as he drags you through the mud? For Godsake man wakeup, he incorrectly filed his Form 4's after selling 11M shares, many during the first failed RS attempt, he was reemed by the reporter from Seeking Alpha and he has not replied to it, he sat on the 20/400 to 20/40 news, he hasen't blogged or talked to his shareholders for 10 months, and he has shown absolute distain for his shareholders, as the share price has bounced between 6 & 7 cents for well over a year, and finally, this guy comes from a WS background with limited biotech knowledge. And from what I've seen it's obvious that Gary should not be running ACT.
        And I can say these things about Gary, because he has yet to prove me wrong, and I am shareholder, which means I own part of ACT, so I dare him to step up and prove me wrong!

    • Oh all knowing would you go about financing the firm, without more dilution? Also, take JV off the table, as you'd be selling out very cheaply. So, all knowing clown, what is the answer?

    • Your vote didn't count-it is written, BOD last say! .45 based on data, phases and promised publications. But mostly a good place to r/s from (and a real good short too). GR is only as good as the SCs themselves-they are not lick and stick and now the FDA will be backlogged by as many days as they're closed, baring any national salmonella emergencies etc.

    • Maybe that what they think post 100 to 1 reverse split.