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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Oct 12, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” Carson declared.

    WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Dr. Ben Carson slammed President Barack Obama’s signature health care during his speech at the Value Voter’s Summit Friday.

    “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” Carson declared. “It is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government.”

    Carson said the implementation of the Affordable Care Act was never about health care, only control.

    “That’s why when this administration took office it didn’t matter that the country was going off the cliff economically. All forces were directed toward getting this legislation passed,” Carson said.

    Carson also made a comparison between Obama’s health care law to former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.

    “Vladimir Lenin, one of the fathers of socialism and communism, said that socialized medicine is the keystone to the establishment of a socialist state,” Carson stated.

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      (National Report)  – The Nobel Prize Committee will announce Obama’s second Nobel Prize win sometime next week.

      Rumors that Obama is being strongly considered for a second Nobel Peace Prize for successfully implementing ObamaCare, which was rolled out October 1, have flooded the internet. Unfortunately, these rumors are true.
      After only 8 months in office, Obama was awarded a prize in 2009. The decision of the award jury confused and confounded many. It came as a complete surprise. The second prize won’t be announced until next week, but liberal media has already begun spin, hype and jive up next week’s pronouncement.

      Mother Jones published an article defending the President’s Nobel Prize history, a media hype string theory that tries to weave the President’s landmark Affordable Care Act with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

      “Partly as a result of Obama’s actions, Assad’s use of chemical weapons became a top-line priority of the global community, and the work of the OPCW received far more notice. In addition, the monkeyshines, chicanery and foolery surrounding the protest of ObamaCare makes many in third world countries feel better about having chronic diarrhea or Guinea worms.” –

      Where is the Nobel Prize for Rand Paul? Ted Cruz? Or Michele Bachmann? Michele has been a harbinger of peace, announcing the End Times are upon the Earth due to the signs and wonders found in Syria. Isn’t the second coming of Jesus Christ worthy of a Nobel Prize?

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    • Well if it ends up a trainwreck it would certainly build momentum over to the conservatives side and it would be repealed.....why such fear?.......afraid it might actually bring health care costs down and a few less doctors will be allowed to buy yachts with their super inflated salaries.....get this through your thick brain.....hospitals and insurance companies love high costs....know why? because their profit is driven by revenue and their revenue is a function of costs.

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      • Only an idiot who does not look over history would conclude that it "might bring down costs". I challenge you to name 1 Federal Program that saves anyone money, or solves the problem it was sold to remedy? I challenge you or any reader here to name 1 !!
        Government creates nothing, only consumes and redistributes. The glory of this country was founded upon God given right of FREE WILL, and to have a free life, and to make free choices. The essence of our Constitution was to PREVENT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION; This is what separated it from all others. Now, it has been perverted and CO-opted by leftist idealogues and power mongers. It will fail, as this idea has always failed. Just another boondoggle to keep the masses dependent on THEM, not on themselves. This IS slavery.

      • By the way,, I have worked day and night for 30 years to get my yacht,, my hard work, no one elses,, and I don't see your sorry a()ss having had the smarts to go to medical school and spend blood sweat and tears, staying up for days at a time,, no time with family cause you are caring for another,, yes, I make a fair amount of money and I ain't doing it for less,, If you want the caliber of a doc like me, you are going to pay and if you want to be stubborn about it, then die,, do you really think the govt will give 2 rats a()sses about your sorry life,, fk no,, and by the way,, I give more than my fair share to charity patients that need, and that's my decision to do so, not the c()cks()uckin govt,,

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      • I know this is hard for the loony left to understand but the yacht owning doctors got these yachts the old fashion way. They earned them through twelve to sixteen years of education and staggering student loans. Some surgeons work twelve to sixteen hours a day and do eight to ten surgeries a day. The stress is unimaginable so if they can buy a yacht and relax on it, more power to them.

        Instead of viciously envying their success why not try and copy what they did to get there. Get a skill, work hard, be frugal and invest wisely. This advice usually send loons into panic mode. In order to come out of this uncomfortable state, they have to breath into a paper sack for a few minutes, get high and never try and thing of the work word again.

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      • The guys with the yachts are good at what they do and you would hope and pray that you would get one,, in Obamacare you won't ,, you will have to pay cash or not get the high del docs,, this law will colapse within a year,,

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    • Oh Jesus Iz hops theyz dounts be bringun slaverry bakes what iz wez gunna's dos if theys doz tat?

    • Oh Polecatt, you can't even be bothered to learn about your master's viewpoints on universal healthcare over the years. Did you know that your Koch Brother's Heritage Foundation got the ball rolling on this "slavery". Read and educate yourself, Tex, you can thank me later. I can't wait for your reply.

      History of the Individual Health Insurance Mandate, 1989-2010
      Republican Origins of Democratic Health Care Provision

      Heritage Foundation's 1989 report is considered to be the conceptual origin of the health insurance mandate.The concept of the individual health insurance mandate is considered to have originated in 1989 at the conservative Heritage Foundation. In 1993, Republicans twice introduced health care bills that contained an individual health insurance mandate. Advocates for those bills included prominent Republicans who today oppose the mandate including Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Robert Bennett (R-UT), and Christopher Bond (R-MO). In 2007, Democrats and Republicans introduced a bi-partisan bill containing the mandate.

      In 2008, then presidential candidate Barack Obama was opposed to the individual mandate. He stated the following in a Feb. 28, 2008 interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show about his divergent views with Hillary Clinton:

      "Both of us want to provide health care to all Americans. There’s a slight difference, and her plan is a good one. But, she mandates that everybody buy health care. She’d have the government force every individual to buy insurance and I don’t have such a mandate because I don’t think the problem is that people don’t want health insurance, it’s that they can’t afford it. So, I focus more on lowering costs. This is a modest difference. But, it’s one that she’s tried to elevate, arguing that because I don’t force people to buy health care that I’m not insuring everybody. Well, if things were that easy, I could mandate everybody to buy a house, and that would solve the problem of homelessness. It doesn’t."

      By 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), sometimes referred to as "Obamacare,” had passed in both the House and the Senate with no Republican votes. On Mar. 23, 2010 President Obama signed the act containing an individual mandate into law. On Jan. 5, 2011, Republicans in the US House of Representatives introduced The Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act (HR 2) to repeal the PPACA. One of their main arguments for repeal was that the health insurance mandate was unconstitutional.

      The two charts below provide a brief timeline of the legislative history of bills containing an individual health insurance mandate as well as the policy origins of the individual health insurance mandate.
      I. Federal Health Care Bills Containing an Individual Health Insurance Mandate, 1993-2009
      Date Bill Sponsor(s) CRS* Description of Individual Mandate
      1. Nov. 20, 1993
      (date introduced) Consumer Choice Health Security Act (SB 1743) (624 KB) Sponsored by Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) & 24 Republican cosponsors "Subtitle C: Employer Provisions - Requires employers to: (1) withhold health insurance premiums from employee wages and remit such premiums to the employee's chosen insurer; and (2) notify employees of their right to claim an advance refundable tax credit for such premiums."
      2. Nov. 23, 1993
      (date introduced) Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act (SB 1770) (1.6 MB) Sponsored by Senator John H. Chafee (R-RI) & 20 cosponsors (2-D, 18-R) "Subtitle F: Universal Coverage - Requires each citizen or lawful permanent resident to be covered under a qualified health plan or equivalent health care program by January 1, 2005. Provides an exception for any individual who is opposed for religious reasons to health plan coverage, including those who rely on healing using spiritual means through prayer alone."
      3. Jan. 18, 2007
      (date introduced) Healthy Americans Act (SB 334) (427 KB) Sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) & 17 cosponsors (7-D, 1-I, 9-R) "Healthy Americans Act - Requires each adult individual to have the opportunity to purchase a Healthy Americans Private Insurance Plan (HAPI). Makes individuals who are not enrolled in another specified health plan and who are not opposed to coverage for religious reasons responsible for enrolling themselves and their dependent children in a HAPI plan offered through their state of residence. Sets forth penalties for failure to enroll."
      4. Feb. 5, 2009
      (date introduced) Healthy Americans Act (SB 391) (394 KB) Sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) & 14 cosponsors (8-D, 1-I, 5-R) "Healthy Americans Act - Requires each adult individual to have the opportunity to purchase a Healthy Americans Private Insurance Plan (HAPI), which is: (1) a plan offered by a state; or (2) an employer-sponsored health coverage plan. Makes individuals who are not enrolled in another specified health plan and who are not opposed to coverage for religious reasons responsible for enrolling themselves and their dependent children in a HAPI plan offered through their state of residence. Sets forth penalties for failure to enroll."
      5. Dec. 24, 2009
      (date passed) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) (2.2 MB) No sponsors. Bill re-written by Senate Democrats. No Republican Senator voted for the bill. Read more. "Subtitle F: Shared Responsibility for Health Care - Part I: Individual Responsibility - (Sec. 1501, as modified by section 10106) Requires individuals to maintain minimal essential health care coverage beginning in 2014. Imposes a penalty for failure to maintain such coverage beginning in 2014, except for certain low-income individuals who cannot afford coverage, members of Indian tribes, and individuals who suffer hardship. Exempts from the coverage requirement individuals who object to health care coverage on religious grounds, individuals not lawfully present in the United States, and individuals who are incarcerated."

      * CRS is the acronym for the Congressional Research Service.

      II. Policy Origins of Individual Mandate, 1989-1994
      Date & Publisher Study & Author Description of Health Insurance Mandate from Publication
      1. Oct. 2, 1989

      Heritage Foundation Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans (1.6 MB) , by Stuart M. Butler * "[N]either the federal government nor any state requires all households to protect themselves from the potentially catastrophic costs of a serious accident or illness. Under the Heritage plan, there would be such a requirement...
      Society does feel a moral obligation to insure that its citizens do not suffer from the unavailability of health care. But on the other hand, each household has the obligation, to the extent it is able, to avoid placing demands on society by protecting itself...
      A mandate on households certainly would force those with adequate means to obtain insurance protection."
      2. Spring 1991

      Health Affairs A Plan For Responsible National Health Insurance, by Mark V. Pauly, Patricia Damon, Paul Feldstein and John Hoff "(3) All citizens should be required to obtain a basic level of health insurance. Not having health insurance imposes a risk of delaying medical care; it also may impose costs on others, because we as a society provide care to the uninsured. The risk of shifting costs to others has led many states to mandate that all drivers have liability insurance. The same logic applies to health insurance...
      The obligation to obtain basic health insurance should be placed on the individual, not on the employer...
      In our scheme, every person would be required to obtain basic coverage, through either an individual or a family insurance plan."
      3. Mar. 5, 1992

      Heritage Foundation The Heritage Consumer Choice Health Plan (10 MB) , by Stuart M. Butler "Step #2: Require all households to purchase at least a basic package of insurance, unless they are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or other government health programs.
      All Heads of households would be required by law to obtain at least a basic health plan specified by Congress...
      The private insurance market would be reformed to make a standard basic package available to all at an acceptable price...
      Employers would be required to make a payroll deduction each pay period, at the direction of the employee, and send the amount to the plan of the employee's choice."
      4. Jan. 1994

      Health Affairs Personal Freedom, Responsibility, and Mandates, by Robert E. Moffitt "Absent a specific mandate for at least catastrophic health insurance coverage, some persons, even with the availability of tax credits to offset their costs, will deliberately take advantage of their fellow citizens by not protecting themselves or their families, with the full knowledge that if they do incur a catastrophic illness that financially devastates them, we will, after all is said and done, take care of them and pay all of the bills. They will be correct in this assessment...
      An individual mandate for insurance, then, is not simply to assure other people protection from the ravages of a serious illness, however socially desirable that may be; it is also to protect ourselves. Such selfprotection is justified within the context of individual freedom; the precedent for this view can be traced to none other than John Stuart Mill."
      5. June 13, 1994

      Cato Institute Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 210: Nickles-Sterns Is Not the Market Choice for Health Care Reform (98 KB) , by Tom Miller "The Consumer Choice Health Security Act, of which Sen. Don Nickles (R-Okla.) and Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) are primary sponsors, is one of the leading proposals for health care reform. Unfortunately, it sets contradictory objectives: universal coverage and increased consumer choice, individual responsibility, and competition in health insurance markets...
      The most troubling aspect of the Nickles-Stearns legislation, as introduced on November 20, is the mandate that it imposes on all Americans to purchase a standard package of health insurance benefits. By endorsing the concept of compulsory universal insurance coverage, Nickles-Stearns undermines the traditional principles of personal liberty and individual responsibility that provide essential bulwarks against allintrusive governmental control of health care."

    • LOL....the worst thing since slavery....LOL... OMG, you have gone off the deep end and are holding on to a bucket of cement. Wow. You lack a serious understanding of history little buddy, specifically history as it regards to this country.

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      • Calm down and take a deep breath. Carson points out, “Vladimir Lenin, one of the fathers of socialism and communism, said that socialized medicine is the keystone to the establishment of a socialist state,” and that certainly didn't work out very well for the Russians. Did it? The Russians and the Chinese held over a billion people in socialist slavery through unimaginable brutality. Now that would be the worst thing since slavery.

        Now how is that for a history lesson?

        I happen to agree with Carson and you don't. I think socialism leads to slavery and fiscal ruin. You think it's the best thing since hot sliced bread.

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      • Yes and as I have noted in the past your view is always logical, based upon "facts" and always 100% spot on.

    • Thanks, poleo, for posting this incredible example of the total idiocy of Ben Carson. Really amazing, isn't it?

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