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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Oct 13, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    "FED" Now largest Owner of U.S.Gov't Dept-Surpassing China....

    At the close of business on Friday.the debt of the federal government exceeded $16 trillion for the first time-with the largest single owner of the publicly held portion of that debt being the Federal Reserve.

    Over the past year,as the Federal Reserve massively increased its holdings of U.S.Treasury securities ans entities in China marginally decreased theirs,the Fed surpassed the Chinese as the top owner of publicaly held U.S.government debt.

    In its latest monthly report,the Federal Reserve said that as of Sept.28,it owned $2.1483 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities,according to data published today by the U.S.Treasury Department.That was down slightly from $2.1519 trillion in U.S.Treasury securities the Chines owned as of the end of September2013,acoording to the same Trasury Department report.

    Thus,at the end of September 2013,the Chinese owned about$339.9 billion more in U.S.Treasury securities than the Fed owned at that time.By the end of Semtember2013,the Fed owned owned about $516.7 billion more in U.S.Treasury securities than the Chinese owned.

    The U.S...Treasury Department divides the federal governments debt into two general categories:debt held by the public---the type owned by Chinese and the Federal Reserve-- and "intragovernment debt",:which consists of what essentially are I.O.U's the treasury gives to government trust funds such as Social Security trust when it takes and spends their money on other things.

    The current total national debt of $16.0336 trillion,reported by the treasury ,consists of approximataely $11.3145 trillion in debt held by the public and $5.791 trillion in intragovernment debt.

    Which basically boils down to we owe our selves 11 trillion for all the entitlements we Congress,that are paid since the Fed is a different entity from the U.S government a private banking system controlled by appointing officials for oversight by the prez...


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    • Worrisome for sure. Now Google the Treasury obligations for social security and Medicare and maybe some of these Libroids will finally start to get what us Contards are talking about.

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      • Worrisome for sure?you don't have to tell me beach and it's only going to get worse until this illegal law is repealed by good honest hard working Americans if my grandfather knew of this travesty I could hear him now!!!!!!!!!...after giving so much for it to come to this?he served 10 years during the second world war.I feel as though I get my strength from him sometimes hard headed and determined to accomplish what ever he chooses to do.every weekend growing up he would be pulling engines from cars and rebuilding them or tinckering with something always busy on his personal time the man raised a family built several homes with his own two hands two of which are still standing and this all stems from hard work ethics that their fathers destined in them we as a nation are losing these heroes in our lives.I lost my grandfather in 2002 he was 87 and I owe my acheivments in life to his strong work ethic that he passed to me.although I'm hopeful that this will all come as a bad dream and go away until then my friends this is the beginning of the end.....(:o(


      • Yep....The Federal Reserve System has both private and public components,and was designed to serve the interest's of both the general public and private bankers.The result is a structure that is considered unique among central banks.It is also unusual in that entity outside of the central bank,namely the United States Department of the Treasury,creates the currency used.Acoording to the Board of Governors.the Federal Reserve System "is considered an independent central bank because its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislation branches of does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress,and the terms of the members of the board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms..

        The Federal Reserve System(also known as the Federal Reserve,and informally as the Fed)is the central banking system of the United States.It was created on December 23,1913,with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act,largely in response to a series od financial panics,particulary a severe panic in 1907

        ? let me get this straight the Fed is a different entity?but the Treasury of the United States prints the money?

        LMAO...................Damn I need a money press too and every single American in the USA...WOW and they say Bernie Madoff was a scam artist?


    • If that's the case?...If I owed my self one hundred dollars then for the good of myself of loaning it to me I'd give myself some slack and say to myself....You know what self go ahead and keep that one hundred dollars and don't worry about it!!!!!.and I'd tell myself thank you self you didn't have to do that?

      Whoooola......problem solved....again I'm a genius......?


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      • Ole Danny boy this whole damn money scam controlling the world on our Federal Reserve banking system that the United States treasury controls the printing of and is not regulated, btw is sure to go down as one of the most in-genius mastermind strategies ever con-cocked ever.

        JMO.......................Now that's some funny #$%$ shiet!!!!!!