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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Oct 14, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    O/T_ EVERY Single Person I Have Talked to Today


    Hate the concept of Obamacare,, All my patients that I have talked to in the last 6 months except 2 don't want the ACA anymore,, In fact they wish Obama was never president,, I ordered a computer from dell today and talked to Romesa in Nashville,, and she told me in no uncertain terms that NO one down there wants this dam thing,, I predict that it will collapse within a year,, Working folks no longer want to support the freeloaders, as in free healthcare for the slobs that won't work,,
    Wake up America and it is, and they hate the progs,, You guys will go down in 14 and 16,, the movement has started and it will be a land slide to get rid of socialization,,

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    • Doc, your #$%$ bigotry is showing it's ugly face once more, that along with making up lies about Obamacare, only gives you zero credibility. So next time you think about posting all this bs about Obamacare, grab a jug of moonshine, get on your boat and float down the Kanawha river until you regain your senses once more.

    • How many of those people have bothered to read and try to understand Obamacare?

      Probably none. That law is quite large and it takes quite a while to even scan through it.

      Many of the people who are against it are free loaders under the current system who either pay nothing or not their fair share. Sure, they don't want to pay more. They would rather the rest of us pay.

      And, how many of you really understand that the total price of U.S. health care isn't going to change much at all. It will basically stay the same. It's just that the free loaders will have to now pay and they don't like it.

      Just the Facts Ma'am!!!

    • OK,, saw 23 this afternoon and again only one patient supported Bamcare and that particular patient could benefit from this, so I didn't throw him out cause he works,, so as for today, 2 out of48 patient are in support of this thing,, hardly worth the average folk having to pay for another,, it's not fair, and if the last one would give up his berr, whiskey and cigs, then Maybe he could afford the office visit,, but since he works and tries, I see past that fee,, the other guy, well pi()SS on him,, if you don't ven try, then why should I give a rats a()SS about him,, and believe me, I have given away plenty in the last 30 years,, O K, so some 50k have signed up,, what a total fkin failure,, obraindead is an idiot,, was never prepared and s a puppet in this thing,,

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    • well....count me in as a positive then.....more people have to be insured, the cheaper and better the insurance is.....why is this such a difficult concept for an intelligent person like you to understand unless you are greedy for some appears you want to support a Hitler type society where the useless are killed and only the strong survive....pretty ignorant on your part, but hey, someday you will be a senile old goat that can't take a pee by yourself and perhaps it will dawn on you that everyone needs help eventually.....even you you pompous a z z..... :D

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      • Here's a concept-in NYC they promoted "save water"-we did, they raised the $$/gal to compensate for the loss. A $10,000 deductible isn't cheap and the doctors are going to eat that loss or spend more to collect the patients' debts, so they will raise their rates to cover their losses. Why don't you goog problems w/Canada's Universal health care. There's things you never thought of! It will take 10 years to get out the kinks and still won't be "fair" to a segment of the population! Next sneaky move is a cap on malpractice pay-outs like $20k if they cripple you!!! INsurance cos don't want to pay for anything-if you want Gold Standard SCs-there'll be a big co-pay for that too. and C is a doc-he's neither greedy nor stupid (and puts in a lot of hours) if you read him at all!

      • You are acting on emotion and not fact,, You obviously have no clue how this fkin POS law works,, It does nothing for patient care, period,, and if you are such a bleeding heart for the slobs that wont work then why don't you become a priest and give all you hard earned money to those that wont work,, and if they wont work, and are able bodied and still wont work only to be parasites of those that do work then they can just die, and fk you too,, and by the way Rob, the Roman empire collapsed taking from the rich and giving to the poor and guess what, Italy is falling again,, yes of course by all means, lets act like that,, now who the fk is ignorant,,

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      • Hey yags, what makes you think Obamacare is going to be cheap? They are going to suck you in with a very reasonable premium then whack you with a big copay and annual deduction Wait and see. Nobody is against the poor getting medical care but this is not the answer,

    • I saw 25 patients this morning and out of all those s patients loves Obdumdo,, and he did not appreciate me having negative comments about the man,, I showed him the door and told him he could find a doc that supports that bas()tard,, funny thing,, there are no docs in this town that has anything nice to say about the pri()ck,, so, the dumb a()SS will not be seen in this town,, we are coal country and folks are loosing their jobs because of that di()ck,,

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    • I think you're right, C. These ;progs who really believe they are going to waltz through the next couple elections and keep power are in for a rude awakening. The only way they could get back in is to lie, cheat, and steal, something they are quite capable of. (Just think voter ID)

    • It's really hard to believe you're a doctor. That seems profoundly unlikely. You are so clueless as to what it is and why it will benefit you and most of the medical profession, it's sheer lunacy that you oppose it. Clearly it comes from being indoctrinated to the point where you are so feverishly a true believer that you can no longer see reality from fiction, or what's in yours and most patient's best interests. Sheer nonsense!

    • You only talk to yourself loser..24-7