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  • gherty gherty Oct 22, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    Why so negative?

    I listened and re listened and still don't see the reason behind panic. A few years back when Gary became the interim CEO I warned about his history and reputation. What I mentioned was his ability to be a second line director but in no way a CEO. Some of the folks that are screaming for his head now, were calling me a basher and loved him as CEO.
    Fast forward to today, we see he has made a few mistakes and him along with some other members he has brought in are accused(almost) of taking a bit too much. But let's be fair and give credit where it is due.
    Looking at my own experience as a CEO, I can see Gary Rabin has grown up a lot. He is talking and doing what a seasoned professional would do. Sure he is not perfect but neither am I.
    Having the dilution and RS and the whole path he has taken is not what I would have done. But I did not see all the inside info he has. I say he is not doing as bad as some now say, he is.

    ACTC is on the path and Dr. Lanza and the science will prevail. Even if we do not agree with GR and his business team.


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