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  • roblancelot roblancelot Oct 23, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    What are these RW morans going to do

    when the ACA website is fully fuctional the Insurance co's make their ajustments and all normal people accept it. The RW aceholes have no plan after that. Fold the tent bozo's your'e clown show is over.

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    • Aren't the CONS funny !!!???? First they claim Obamacare is bad for everyone and will ruin the country, now they feign concern for those poor folks who tried to log into the site and couldn't, as if they care that they can't get coverage now......???? The bottom line-PRESIDENT OBAMA WINS-REPUBLICLOWNS LOSE-AGAIN!!!! They hate when you put it as frankly and bluntly and truthfully as that, they come after you and attack you and make up stuff that they heard on FAUX and FRAUDS. Believe me, more than half the people signing up for Obamacare are in those poor RED states that get more in government handouts than they pay into the system. Frankly, I'm tired of my tax money going SOUTH to support a bunch of racist CONS running states that don't pay their share.

    • LOLOLOLO!!!!!!! Same thing LW imbeciles will do when Obama seals the borders

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    • ACA requires that a large number of young, healthy people enroll to keep premiums within expectations. The number thown-around is 7m by next March. If they don't get those folks to join premiums will likely increase and increasing premiums will result in some people dropping out of the program.

      The other thing that I don't get, is the rationale for ACA was to provide coverage for an estimated 20-30m uninsured people. And to do that we had to make changes that affected a few hundred million people. Now, the government is saying that they still expect that their will be up to 30m uninsured when ACA is fully implemented. How does that make sense?

    • Rob, these right-wingers are all going to go to WV, and burn crosses with the infamous Doc from Ripley.

    • You are right, rob, let the RWNJs get totally hysterical about the website and, can you believe it, actually call the website rollout more damaging than the invasion of Iraq or the fiasco of Katrina. The website problems will be relatively easily and quickly fixed and then these amazing RWNJs will have nothing there to aim at and will have to reposition all of their artillery all over again. And doubt, even their own will be sick of their few deja vu all over again options as they try revive, OMG, Benghazi, IRS, and Fast and Furious all over again, again.

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