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  • luis_beris luis_beris Oct 25, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Dilution questions

    When do the extra billion shares kick in?

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    • BUMP LOL - All the moron has are childish insults - quite the bore. But for a real laugh watch him talk about stocks. PLEASE tell us all about par value - joke

    • This is a classic. Check out the loser stroking himself. Still waiting for that explanation on why par is so important. What a joke.

      Short cakes into toast
      All along the watch tower
      John Jon 53
      Born to boogie

    • Everyday you can see them come in to keep the equilibrium price somewhere around .06. Occasionally someone sells a little too much and it drops to .059. A bathroom break or other distraction can lead to the .062-.064 spike seen every once in a while. News or other events that lead to a greater spike are usually quickly reversed buy a flood of shares. When the supply starts to run out another deal is made to increase the supply as has just happened. When the number gets stupid high then some other trick like an RS is done. Then the whole cycle can repeat again long term holders grow old and die but the occasional spike brings in new bag holders who keep the whole thing going. I providing this as a public service and wish someone had done the same for me 8 years ago. I probably would not have listened though.

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      • "Then the whole cycle can repeat again long term holders grow old and die but the occasional spike brings in new bag holders who keep the whole thing going."

        Sure, Easy, this way Gary can keep his family in dough long after he's gone. It could be called a Family Affair, but really it's a Family Scaming.

      • I share your "PAIN!" Hope I live long enough to enjoy any profits I might make, but pushing 78 pretty hard!

      • (reply to cmc below) GNTA also had a "potential" maketable product that was suppose to cure melanoma. Was in to phase 3 so it had more time to dupe shareholders. This is not even thru Phase 1. Plenty of years to dilute a lot more like genta. Actc ipo was at 7 bucks, so 6 cents is a 99 % drop in share price. Gnta was the king of all ripoffs and fighter p was on that mess board too telling everyone to buy and how they would get rich..genta now bankrupt. Buyer beware..

      • You make this sound as bad as Genta was...and nothing could ever be that nefarious, 1:3,000,000,000 is combined RSes, and then they tried to re-incorporate in another state coincident with a 1:25,000 share exchange which would have made the grand total 1 for 75 Trillion in reverse splits. If you knew their game and didn't get greedy you could get 100-500% return in just a few days every 12-18 months.
        ACTC is no GNTA! ACTC actually has potential of a viable product. Of course there are sharks in the pond, the whole damn market is made by, and for, sharks to swim in fully stocked (no pun intended) ponds, and to launder money.
        Hopefully these sharks are smart enough to make the move to the bigger pond before dilution.

    • The billion shares just kicked in, soon management awards themselves these shares at par value of .001 and then sells them later at like 6 cents. 60 times ..nice for them..They have done this in the past undisclosed. I wonder if they truly deserve that considering this has lost 99% of its value from ipo price. lol I understand many times they wont unload them until they have come out with some pump news. As individual investers are buying the "news" insiders are unloading. This is exactly what now bankrupt genta did. (FP pushed that one too, then came over here..) so to be fair the par value is what insiders can get awarded, ect at ..not what shares are issued it..

    • The 1B shares kick in asap. Now wait and watch how many shares Gary distributes between himself and his staff, along with the BOD.

    • It doesn't matter. It is another massive dilution.