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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Oct 25, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Jon Stewart's Daily Show exposes the ugly truth about GOP voter suppression laws.

    Hey ACE, you were "lmao" the other day at the Daily Show, well here's another one for you. I know you GOP CONS are actually proud of your racist ways even if you are a minority of a minority. The Yelton bigot lost his job although like all GOP CONS with ugly pasts I'm sure he'll show up somewhere else on the GOP CONS roster of bad pennies.
    Go to YouTube and type in the search: NC GOP Chair Calls Blacks Lazy And Stupid

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    • That was ugly! We are seeing the deathly convulsions of a once grand party. The NC governor is extremely unpopular now, trending in the 30% range. But apparently, many in his party are too far gone along this path to be able to see where they are being... led/misled. It's too bad. I grew up in a very Republican family. I have a lot of respect for old time Republicans. But the new crowd is a disaster for that party.

    • Danny, just watched the video, man you are really catch up in this race thing,you must have a lot of hate in your heart, i sure hope you don't teach your children how to hate. that would a heavy burden for them to carry thru life.

    • Sadly, with Pat as Gov, N.C. is in a race to the bottom trying to catch up to Mississippi and Louisiana. Very sad......