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  • corruptbusinesss corruptbusinesss Oct 31, 2013 1:45 AM Flag

    Sorry if you didn't sell

    Stem cells may be the answer for lowering healthcare costs and Lanza may be a great mind but ACTC continues to be less relevant each and every day because they are being led by a delusional CEO and Chairman of the Board that continues to whistle past the grave yard of bankruptcy. ACTC has been insolvent for some time but as long as Gary can extend the fiction he continues to get paid the big bucks. All the assets belong in fact to the CAM's. The dream has in fact become a nightmare! Sorry for all shareholders and true believers but hopefully one of the many competitors that have materialized will have better luck. How long before ACTC finally has to turn off the lights for the last time. ACTC has become a scam company being manipulated by a man who has chosen a dark path. It's very sad for him and of course the victims he continues to cheat. How can he get Lanza and Langer to say nothing? Because they are buying into the idea of buying time for another company to take up the Stem Cell cause. Gary is what he is and sooner or later people will figure it out. Of course this is all conjecture by a disappointed x-shareholder.

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