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  • jnichols_962711 jnichols_962711 Nov 15, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    OT: Help


    I am thinking of running for President of the USA in 2016. However, I have a few issues since Lincoln. You see as below:

    1. I am not a millionaire/billionaire

    2. Uhmm, unfortunately I was born as a baby inside the USA

    3. I am not very good at telling consistent lies

    4. I am for individual States of the USA having equal to more power than the total US government for delivering to their populace that the state voted me into office for

    5. I am an American and believe whole heartedly in our for-fathers dream for our country and the reason we should have and nourish true freedom and I believe in a great supreme being that is the architect of our universe.

    I could go on more, however, it seems that I do not stand a chance in hell, based on my core values and beliefs....

    How many thumbs down will I receive compared to thumbs up on this one?....Then that will be a focuse point of what we have become.....Thanks for your time to read...


    Salute 9non-french)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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