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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Dec 1, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

    Average wage for a Chinese factory worker...$1.36 per hour..Americans...$15.00 per hour

    American factory workers produce three times the amount of product compared to the Germans and twice the amount of the Chinese worker.My question is how much is tariff expenses for these corporations to do business overseas does the cost out weigh the savings for the US government to continue this hypocrisy ?.......I bought a 1 dollar CD in Koreo for my kid on line and the tariff was $10.00 for shipping so who got the 10.00 bucks?.......The US or the Koreans


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    • My question is how much is tariff expenses for these corporations to do business overseas?

      Well Longhorn good expanding tide of marine freight is bearing down on the United States like a panama container ship,It is time to look squarely at the problem and recognize that maintaining a sound goods movement system demands a critical investment in national infrastructure,shipsize is measured by the number of 20ft equivalent units/containers it can hold called (TEU's),third generation vessels carry about 4,000(TEU) and 4th and 5th as much as 7,600(TEU's) a cost of only .10cents per metric ton per mile.most ports across the globe are too small to handle what are named the Mega Tankers produced now they can carry 15,000 to 18,000 (TEU's) unable to pass the Panama canal,although are able to pass the Suez canal as the worlds human expansion continues these Mega Tankers will be so huge most ports will be unable to accommodate these behemoths ......not to mention other cost to the environment the United States strict Laws for pollution has literally kicked out Industry here in the States.

      Ps.....The U.S government is like the Mafia they have to get a piece of the pie no matter at what cost?while protecting us from danger.......lmao.....................wink...wink