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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 2, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Hey CONS, not a peep about the Healthcare website working now? Focus now on the shutdown

    you fools caused our government and the 24 BILLION in economic losses is created. I know you all enjoyed the month of smoke and mirrors you created with all your whining about the glitchy Helathcare website-as if you cared about anyone actually getting healthcare LOL LOL LOL-but now we can refocus the media's attention back to that disastrous GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN your party caused and all the losses it created. This, by the party who claims to care about the country and yet has not offered ONE JOBS BILL and has wasted BILLIONS taking LOSING votes to undo OBAMACARE. YOU FRIGGEN LOSERS.

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    • You are right NJ. Since we are all multi millionaires, none of us care about clean air or water. Fannie-smannie, all of our houses are paid off so who cares about that little blip. We don't really need health insurance so we don't care if anyone else has it - And since we all have jobs, why would we want money spent on some silly jobs bill? Well, I guess the republican who owns the shovel company does since he'd benefit from all those shovel ready jobs that get created. And don't worry about losses since we are all perfectly hedged and benefit no matter what happens in the world. And even though you didn't mention it since none of our sons or daughters serve in the military we're pretty agnostic about war. Oops, gotta go, bringing her around to port side. Aloha

    • Yeah, Nj, these RWNJ sure have made things difficult for America, but as Obama has shown, he eventually kicks their butts in the end.