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  • demetergreenisapumpingloser demetergreenisapumpingloser Dec 22, 2013 3:17 AM Flag

    The LYING BASHERS and the LYING PUMPERS can kiss my #$%$ !! When DEMETERGREEN shuts up ,

    KEEP_INVESTING shuts up , TONY_MONTELLO_2003 shuts up , THERESNOBEACHHERE shuts up , BOISECTINVESTOR shuts up , BEARCLAWE shuts up ... and the rest of you useless morons SHUT UP ! The PPS will fly !! I do not know , nor do I care , if ACTC management reads your posts : I do not know , nor do I care , if other investors ( current or potential ) read your posts ! But I know this? If I was a potential investor I would stay away ! You morons have nobody to blame but yourselves !!

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