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  • keep_investing keep_investing Dec 29, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    Remember Maxim's buy, and 45 cent target price for ACTC?

    I do, and it was reported by Jason Kolbert of the Maxim Group. And I tried calling Jason to find out how he came up with the 45 cent target price, but he only talks with the very wealthy investor, thus leaving me out this loop. So I am guessing that he's had some of his wealthy investors buying ACTC, and if so, it sure hasen't helped the share price at all. And I am also guessing that he just madeup the target price, just to give the stock a nice boost, but that didn't work either.

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    • demetergreenisapumpingloser demetergreenisapumpingloser Dec 30, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

      I have the target price as follows :
      Mar 1 , 2014 = 20 cents

      May 1 , 2014 = 35 cents

      July 1 , 2014 = 99 cents

      Sept 1 , 2014 = $1.25

      Nov 1 , 2014 = $2.00

      Dec 24 , 2014 = $4.00

      Jan 1 ,2015 = $7.00

      All is good !!

    • keep,

      I would take that Maxim buy rating with a major grain of salt.

      On Sept. 6, 2012 Maxim initiated coverage on Immunocellular Therapeutics (IMUC) with a BUY rating and price target of $18. IMUC started the day at $2.83 and spiked about 17% to $3.39 on the news.

      Approximately one month later IMUC announced a common stock and warrants offering worth $19.3M with you guessed it, Maxim. Stock was offered at $2.10 and the warrants had a five year term with a strike price of $2.65. The pps tanked on that news. At the current share price of $1.03, it is safe to say that either Maxim really missed that target price, or they knew exactly what they were doing.

      I am not saying ACTC is going to do their next capital raise with Maxim (or Roth or Lazard or any combination of the three which are all interlinked). I'd just say it is very interesting that Maxim and only Maxim gave ACTC such a high target price completely out of the blue. And that Ted Myles even touted it on the conference call.

      ACTC needs cash so if eventually they do a capital raise with Maxim that's fine (well, I should see the actual agreement before saying it is fine). I just wouldn't get too excited about that target price.

    • A more accurate 12 month price target would be 1-3 cents, split adjusted. Time will tell.

    • I was thinking of buying a a few hundred shares but bought a nice lunch Most investment firms do tell you their basis for why they like or don't like a stock. This firm gives a price target that's aprox. 7 times where this is priced at. A relationship between maxim and actc? no

    • Maxim is certainly not a top tier stock picking firm. But regardless, they are not going to tell you the basis for their analysis - that's their work product.

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      • "But regardless, they are not going to tell you the basis for their analysis - that's their work product."

        I guess thats why they can make up #$%$, like 45 cents a share, and get away with it. And if thats the way Maxim works, I'd never use them, even if I could afford them, because who is dumb enough to just blindly let someone run their money with no say so in the matter. Oh, thats right, we all blindly bought ACTC, and so far we've let Gary make fools of all us.

    • You are also the sole constant detractor of Gary Rabin so maybe you stumbled onto why hardly anyone shares your opinions about GR!! You don't matter!