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  • bielstreetwonder bielstreetwonder Dec 31, 2013 1:45 PM Flag



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    • bielstreetwonder: You illustrate the ignorance of which I speak as you try to make it appear that people who believe in freedom are racists. Since you attack whites, I assume you are black. Be that as it may be, a black president who believed in economic freedom for all would have been a blessing to this country. Instead we have a part arab, part black, part white president who is filled with socialist ideas since he was raised by communist parents and mentored by a communist and was taught to hate American prosperity. His policies of control, regulate and attack business have destroyed jobs and converted full time jobs into part time jobs, so that he has put record numbers on food stamps, and unemployment. He is destroying the opportunity for young people but many, such a yourself , are too uninformed to realize it. As you brood on your racial grievances try to understand and remember this - socialism can only be imposed by force. Capitalism springs up naturally from the way free men do business.

    • The truly uneducated in the areas of economics , law and history are the supporters of Obama and his gang of statists. For example many of these are too ignorant to know that freedom is and always has been the mainspring of economic progress. The history of the communist nations now trying with more or less success to become more free market oriented illustrates this quite well. Many of these Obama supporters are too ignorant to know that fascism was the name given to the corporative socialists of Italy, who took control not title, and so they mistakenly call conservatives fascists, when the name is properly applied to socialists like Obama and his gang who seek to regulate and control all aspects of business. The most important freedom is economic freedom, the right to live , work , and produce without unnecessary regulation and control, and this is the freedom that is under such attack by the leftists here. And a hall mark of dedicated socialists is their willingness to lie to get what they want, as Obama has demonstrated over and over again, his most outstanding lie perhaps being you can keep your health insurance if you like it.

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      • Re: "... And a hall mark of dedicated socialists is their willingness to lie to get what they want ...."

        Another great point here, rdotnut, and a needed reminder that we should not forget those vicious socialists Bush and Cheney who lied us into useless and terribly tragic invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq to get those non-existent WMDs while costing us over 5,000 of our own brave youth killed and over 50,000 wounded and resulting in a near melt-down of the world financial system and while doing that they managed to tell the greatest lie of all history "Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!"

        Just imagine the RWNJ reaction if Obama ever came up with anything close to that!!!!!!!

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      • Words of a true fool
        another dazed and confused white honky

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