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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jan 4, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Will any of the loons address the build up to the little ice age where the Earth was much warmer than it is now?

    In a Harvard study which I have printed here many times, the 11th century was much hotter than it is now. And guess what. In the 11th century, the automobile did not cause the warming. Here is a stunning fact for you. Wait for it. Wait for it. THE SUN CAUSED THE WARMING!!! What a surprise! What a shocker!

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    • why does this elk dude sound so stupid?
      is it because he is a flaming racist liberal loser?

    • Right, poleo. The activity of the Sun prevailed for billions of years as the primary factor in the temperature of the Earth but as human activity on Earth became more and more significant in recent decades it began to have a major impact on the natural cycle of warming and cooling.

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    • Im not sure if its just a natural cycle or not, but it sure is colder than a witches t(it here right now. Al Gore is a hypocrite that's for sure, yet limiting pollution is a good idea. Sounds like we have done a lot of that here in the U.S. Most everyone wants their kids to have a safer environment if possible. Theres a balance between protecting the environment and being rational-practical about it. Still need to use fossil fuels to run our economy.The renewed use of natural gas is cheaper and makes less pollution than oil. Yet theres the fracking issue. Complicated issues here..Somewhat simplistic to say just autos or the sun is it..later


      But Polecatt, Floppy brain and Wobbly wobilancelot said it was the lack of pollution controls and all them pollution by big corporation. Perhaps the sun should be banned.......bwahahahahahahahaha.

    • So far no one loon has addressed my post. That doesn't surprise me. I see where elk has posted but I will bet money he has changed the subject or made up a "fact" or two. It's what he does and it's why I call him a moron.

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      • By the way with the Obama admin the chances of #$%$ ourselves is astronomical. By the way so is the chances of #$%$ ourselves if Mitt were in office.

        #$%$ ourselves will be consistently high because carbon is not decreasing and is staying elevated. Because carbon is not being consumed our smallest of small animal/plant life called plankton is dying off. If plankton is completely eradicated then kiss your arssssss goodbye as it effects everything in the living foodchain and I mean everything on land as well.

        You will not enjoy your existence on planet earth without plankton and I seriously think the collapse of oceans should it happen will spark a global war for resources and might even start mass murder in every corner of the world.

        Remember New Orleans for 3 days after Katrina. The black dude shot his sister in the middle of her forehead because she would not share a small bag of ice.

        This will be the existence you will see.

      • Lone---

        Reality is the Oceans are changing dramatically.

        Oceans are the long term indicator and not so much the carbon gas content. Oceans make up a very large % of the planet. If oceans evap or allow for moisture to leave the protective shell of earth, then kiss your arsssss goodbye.

        Not only did the 11th century show that mother nature can F us it showed that if mother nature decides to F us again in combination with increased carbon gases, the earth will have no recovery because carbon will not subside as quickly as it did in 11th century.

        Takeaway, mother nature is nasty but we humans are making the statistical likelihood of global disaster much more likely if mother nature and humans F themselves at the same time.

    • here is also a little factoid for you.....200 years of the industrial age and pumping pollution into the air......'ya think that may be of some concern? Hummmm.....

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      • How about answering my question instead avoiding it by changing the subject?

        Here is a little factoid for you. In the 11th century there was no industrial revolution and it was much warmer then than it is now.

        Why is it so difficult for you and your Al Gore robot buddies not to believe that the sun controls our climate as it has done for most of the Earth's existence? It certainly did it in the 11th century and in about 1850 when the little ice age came to an end.

        Please do what you liberals never do. Stick to the subject and answer my question. How hard is that?

        This is one of the many reasons I rarely answer your off topic posts.

        BTW your climate change God, Al Gore (PT Barnum) is a lying fraud. Why do you and your gullible pals believe him?

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