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  • dickw3939 dickw3939 Jan 10, 2014 1:18 AM Flag

    Did John Roberts Violated International Law?

    Granted, it is just a rumor but one worth pursuing. Is it possible his judgments on the Supreme Court may have been compromised? Does anybody out there have any information about this?

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    • Roberts is a clown who has no business being in the supreme court. Conservative Catholic= Fascism throughout history w/o exception-read a book! And this quote about an endangered toad-which he is:

      "In Roberts's view, the Commerce Clause of the Constitution did not permit the government to regulate activity affecting what he called "a hapless toad" that "for reasons of its own, lives its entire life in California"

    • Elk and flop, what makes you guys say this is nonsense? Is this just your opinions or did you get it from some legitimate official source? I would think any concerned citizen would want to know the truth of the matter. Would you prefer to hide corruption of that magnitude if it served your partisan purposes. I would hope you were better than that. At the very least keep an open mind.

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      • Well, dickw, I have to admit I was just trying to raise some honest and absolutely necessary anger from you RWNJs and Tea Party folk so that you will finally grow a set of balls and do something. Get out your big hammers and guns for God's sake!!

        It is in all truth totally outrageous that you guys just so easily let John Roberts off the hook with only mild complaints. This guy is not just a Socialist like Obama he is almost certainly an outright Communist and probably always has been.

        Who thinks this guy could have possibly been born and bred in the US of A? Looking closely we would have to speculate that most likely he was born in and grew up in the USSR/Russia. He probably had extensive KGB/FSB training. The only way this guy could have gotten to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is if he came here after that extensive training and then was given an ID stolen from someone else.

        Why aren't you guys demanding that he show his birth certificate so we can begin to look into these issues? For one thing, when he messed up giving Obama the Oath in the first inauguration he was clearly trying to lead Obama into making a pro-Communist statement right during his Oath. If that could be made clear then we would be a big step closer to establishing John Roberts as a total traitor who should be strung up with the hangman's noose, and the sooner the better.

        No one can scoff about this. We cannot rest until this justice is culminated!!!!!!

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    • Re: "Granted, it is just a rumor but one worth pursuing. Is it possible his judgments on the Supreme Court may have been compromised? Does anybody out there have any information about this?"

      Yes, dickw, this is just more of the total RWNJ paranoid idiocy of immense proportions. God knows what website you are dredging this stuff from. This time at least it is being directed at a White guy who you used to champion. Still, it is total idiocy though I guess it does indicate that the ongoing political campaigns will continue to be thoroughly plagued by such paranoid nonsense.

      The incredible thing is that you would have good reason to be paranoid about the NSA but you don't really want to touch that issue, except to indulge it a rare and weak moment of lip service.

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    • a story about nothing....since the vote the far right can't seem to comprehend that it is law. He has been a terrible justice (citizens United, etc.). No evidence whatsoever that he has blackmailed but, of course if you talk about it enough then the little people will start to believe it. If there is no story and you don't like the outcome, just make stuff up.

    • of course - Odumbo has the skinny on the guy - blackmail all the way.
      Odumbo needs to be rotting in a jail cell somewhere.

    • So you are willing to throw John Roberts under the bus on the slim chance that he negates Obama's presidency??? Your desperation is amusing to observe.

    • #$%$_head, did you just violate the #1 law of stupidity? The #1 law of stupidity is to spread rumors and make up #$%$.