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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Jan 15, 2014 9:15 PM Flag

    Gotcha, Caught in Benghazi LIE...Senate report says.

    The Senate report concludes these miscreants knew from day one about Benghazi and Al Qaeda attack that killed Four Americans.....Bunch of spineless prog who answered the phone at 3 AM. the report also revealed pinhead and dumpty briefed the president the minute the raid started, yet they lied it was the video. The president knew and went to Vegas instead? How callous and unfortunate for America. Very disappointed, indeed.

    Proof, progs will do or say anything for political expediency.

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    • fraud -

      Which 'miscreants'?

      And, did you read the report or the headlines about the report?

      And, what basis have you the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a fair and honest, i.e., non-political assessment?


    • To a sane person it is disgusting. To a loon it is not just OK it is moral. Abandoning Americans to die is OK if you can use it to win an election and promote Socialism.

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      • Re: "To a sane person it is disgusting. To a loon it is not just OK it is moral. Abandoning Americans to die is OK if you can use it to win an election and promote Socialism."

        "Abandoning" is, of course, a totally ridiculous word to use here and, at any rate, how does Benghazi compare with Bush and Cheney lying about WMDs to force our young soldiers to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with over 5,000 of them getting killed and over 50,000 getting wounded, not counting 3,000 dead on 9/11 because Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz willfully slept through their watch?

        And, of course, I also do know, poleo, you will change the subject, as you and yours here always do, and not answer the question.

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      • lonesome -

        Again, your use of the term 'socialism' is evidence your need to study the term.

        As regards abandoning Americans, your thoughts re Everett Alvarez and many like him. Would you not agree his and his comrades' captivity and many of his comrades' deaths were purely political and to the end of promoting capitalism and the military industrial complex? If you disagree, describe the threat, real or imagined, to your Constitution posed by Viet Nam.

        And, your thoughts re the 'Prison Ship" Americans abandoned to the British.

        I think what you find disgusting is part and parcel to what America is, and is a condition not specific to those you criticize.


    • Fraud, they're still busy playing "Follow the Leader."

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      • It is appalling to see what progs have done to America. They truely hate America. We have lost our ways. Woe awaits if America doesn't repent and shred this prog "wisdom", disaster awaits. But on the other hand it is a good thing, because they can see evil for what it is and hopefully can recognize it in any shape or forms they manifest. It they take root, our grandchildren will NEVER know what liberties and freedom we lost for them.

        The sad TRUTH is there ain't no leader worth following, especially the prog leader. No wonder many are distancing themselves from him.