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  • bum5353 bum5353 Jan 21, 2014 7:13 PM Flag

    O/T- To Be A Christian

    And God planted the seed of Jesus in Mary's womb and he is born Jesus, the point that life begins at conception,, If a women is planning an abortion she should hear them scream as they die,, by law, watch the ultrasound of her murdering her child,, to bad they don't have developed vocal chords to hear C

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    • Was he the Son of man or the Son of God?

      When Cain murdered Abel....Does that mean the only seed came from Cain, which would mean we have all sinned before conception? Just wondering? thank you bum....

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      • because Abel would not have been able to cast any seeds anymore? Or did Abel have children before his brother Cain made him meet his fate? Then it would be possible that some come from Abel and some come from the devil....

        When I say devil I mean from scripture that says from the beginning you were sinful...Versus Satan that the scriptures say In from the beginning you had power glory and free will....Amen

        Basically, I know that the devil is of man....And Satan is of Heaven from original glory ....Two totally different beings....Basically, one was born from sin and the other was created in Glory and then sinned.....

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    • The great alien came from outer space and impregnated a dumb woman. Religion is for those who can't think for themselves. Makes for great science fiction though. And if you did not notice ACTC does not destroy the embryo. Fully developed human beings can come from up to 8 cell embryos after a blastomere is removed. Proof that life is not born from conception. Ignorance is bliss but extremely dangerous

    • i no someone who needs ur lung, heart and kidneys can he have it... can we use ur body for scrap... if u say no, then shut the #$%$ up, u have no say on telling anyone what to do on someone body born or not, if ur not willing to sacrifice ur own life for someone else then dont tell me its ok for u or anyone else to kill a unborn child to use it to save ur life or anyone else....

    • ACTC doesn't destroy embryos. And your not going to change anyone's mind anyway.

    • demetergreen Jan 28, 2014 8:54 AM Flag

      Sou-I saw a new form of neglect/abuse last Saturday (I thought I'd seen it all) Mother doesn't comb little girl's hair-every three months she brings her kids to the salon for a comb-out-the kid was screaming-the entire salon was so repulsed-this POS was reproducing for the "check"-but that's OK?

    • hollyscottman Jan 28, 2014 8:22 AM Flag

      And like the overwhelming majority of Christians, you've got no idea #$%$ your book says.

      The command to not kill clearly only applies to people. The Bible says, many times in many places, that a person is not a person until it draws breath. The Bible even gives a "recipe" to cause an pregnancy to abort.

      Read the Bible and learn what it actually says. It's the fastest way to become an atheist. And in the meanwhile, keep your imaginary pals and your repugnant religion to yourself. Your right to believe as you see fit ends abruptly where the rights of another person begin. You should be happy about that, because it protects you from people like me who would prefer to see your filthy, amoral faith and the incredible damage it does wiped from the face of the planet.


      S. Wood | FreeWoodPost | 1/8/2014

      TOPEKA, KANSAS — Wednesday morning Kansas state legislators in the senate took a vote on the definition of where life begins in hopes of stopping all abortions from occurring. HB2254 declares “life begins at a twinkle in a father’s eye” and won nearly unanimous approval with one dissenting opinion saying “life should also begin in a mother’s eye as well.”

      This bill would basically give permission to any man who ever thought about having a child at any time to declare this thought as a “valid form of life conception.” Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee) described the bill saying, “ONCE A CHILD IS THOUGHT ABOUT IN THE EYE OF ITS FATHER IT HAS TAKEN ON A TRUE EXISTENCE. WE NEED TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THAT LIFE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. THOUGHTS CAN’T JUST PROTECT THEMSELVES, YOU KNOW.”

      Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights is prepared to fight back. “Life does not begin at thought. That is absurd, and quite frankly beyond my thought comprehension that someone would even think of a bill like this. It’s taking life at conception a little too literally,” said Northup discussing the bill with Free Wood Post. “The fact the state of Kansas has taken it upon themselves to not only write such a ridiculous bill, but also leave the definition of life in the mind of men who will never carry a child is preposterous.”

      Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as this story unfolds to see if it passes all legislative hurdles, and if it will reach the desk of Governor Sam Brownback who has already said he fully supports the bill and plans to sign it.

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    • I do find it amazing, bumC, that you can believe this and still support a politics that seems to happily take away healthcare from children (including prenatal care of fetuses) while, as well, also moving in a direction resulting in the starving of many children after they are born.

      How do you reconcile that?

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    • demetergreen Jan 22, 2014 10:02 AM Flag

      For someone that's exposed to the human element all day-not everyone should be a parent-I've seen hurt and neglect by rich and poor-some women eat their young! Abortion should be legal and sterilization if you use abortion as birth control.

    • "And God planted the seed of Jesus in Mary's womb and he is born Jesus"

      Doc, do you really believe this, or is it the moonshine causing you to bellow this foolishness?
      And how many UFO's have you seen while swigging shine?

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