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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Jan 31, 2014 12:33 AM Flag

    My Rightwing Bi-racial family

    Is evidence and proof that the left and progs are the real RACISTS and MSNBC has ignited a fire storm across America with their perpetual racial innuendoes, and blatant RACISM. My multi racial family is exceptional and I am VERY BLESSED to be the patriarch of this wonderful, loving, caring, intelligent, hard working and prosperous Americans. Ya need to meet my newest family several months old grandson. This young lad already is, and will grow up to be a knock'em dead handsome genius. He is showing more independence and intelligence for his age.

    I could go on all night, but I will not....but this is my "multi-racial rightwing" family as loony progs would like to label us, because we object to, and reject the prog BULL SHARDs, and I am PROUD of my "multi-racial rightwing family"....bwahahahahahahahaha.

    Eat ya heart out, "woe is me", blue dunce !!!

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    • You MAY not be a racist, but I bet you're a total fraud...

    • I don't tend to use the term racist around here. I don't think it is helpful, though I do think much is based upon race that we have to ignore if we're going to have a productive conversation. However, I will point out one important thing. In the USA, the most racist parts of the country have almost ALWAYS been almost entirely multi-racial families. Slaveholders often had, multiracial families. Having a multi-racial family is not proof that anyone is NOT racist. The proof is in how you think and act. If you act racist, then you're racist, whether anyone tells you you are or not. If you act PROGRESSIVE on matters of inclusion and race, then you're not racist.... that is kind of the fundamental definition of progressivism. So regardless of what anyone syas, if you are inclusive in your behavior, across the board, including to non-family members of the same race, or background or multiracial context, then that's great. I applaud your desire to be not racist, but be sure to realize that racism is a frame of mind that often defines a whole context of conversation, so you have to mindful of where your thoughts are originating from and working on yourself to aviod racism or sexism or whatever ism that makes someone who is a good human being feel less than human. Everyone crosses the line in some way or another, without realizing it - so it's very important to be sensitive. Whether every post is sensitive, I won't say, we all have to try to be more accepting.

      The telling thing about opposition to the President is, a Republican could say, I want a private healthcare system created by insurance, and this is my plan. This President could say, OK, let's do that friend, and the entire Republican party can say, "Obama hates us and his healthcare plan is a racist plan to kill us all!" I'd say, when you see that kind of back and forth, it's undeniably hard to deny that some sort of irrational animus is driving that process. Cooperating with the GOP doesn't work.

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      • Actually, let me modify my progressive statement above. If you act progressive, you still live in a racist/sexist/otherist context and need to be aware and try to be inclusive. There is no get out of jail free card for anyone. But the point is, people who are AWARE, typically are trying to improve themselves. People who are unaware, are usually not aware of their own faults. It's not about who you vote for so much as how you think, and how you think may very well ultimately affect your evaluation of who you vote for, but that's up to you. But the nature of people is to believe in their own superiority and exclude others at some point, so it's very important to overcome that if you want to live in a calm, peaceful and mature civil society. It was the reason our ancestors created this nation with the principles the provided in our founding documents, even though, they failed to deal with one of the greatest failings in human history - the concept of slavery.

    • libs are all racist pigs

    • "Is evidence and proof that the left and progs are the real RACISTS" - not really....just your run away imagination at work, safe and secure in the really are a piece of work. We all read your past posts, we know who you really are.......

    • Whether or not "fraud"'s story is true, it is true for many "right wingers", including myself, as I HAVE alluded to before. Having a very diverse family that includes bi-racial nieces and nephews, black and Chinese, I find it personally offensive to constantly be referred to as a racist just because I happen to disagree with our President, who just HAPPENS to be black. That should NOT define him!!

    • Fraud, how deperate do have to be, to makeup a fake biracial family to support your RWNJ views? Very, very deperate is the answer. How low will you go?

    • First of all, no one believes you, your readability was lost MANY lies ago. I wonder if you remember your posts about buying off the black voting bloc with chicken maw and watermelon? I sure do. Then there is your latest revisionist history about what really happened between us and your threats to my church. Here is an exchange that may refresh your memory of the TRUTH, fool.fraud_z_buster • Jul 3, 2013 7:31 AM
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      Beach, No surprise here! When blue concocted that phone call story last Dec., and bade this board adieu on preacher's recommendation, then came back just 3 days later, I knew what we were dealing with...a pathological, psychotic, schizoid, like all progs are.

      Ya just can't make this up, they are always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, while telling you a story of the price of tea in China to distract. It the story fails, you are either a RACIST, a MISOGYNIST, or whatever is expedient, and they will try to demonize the heck out of you.....sad but true. Less
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      bluecloud1013 • Jul 11, 2013 9:05 PM 1users liked this postsusers disliked this posts1Reply
      Well, well, well.. Look who is making fun of the mentally ill. The contards have expanded their repertoire from blacks, gays, the poor to include these tortured souls . How Christian. This must be "Compassionate Conservatism" in action! I see it is time for a review of your transgressions again, as you seem to have quite the aversion to TRUTH.
      I was teaching you about Jesus and backing up the TRUTH with Scripture. I posted a link to my church for you to read and learn about Christianity as it was intended, but you close your ears to TRUTH. You were clearly embarrassed and humiliated so you lashed out at me by calling my preacher, whose # you found on said link, and threatened him with "a visit from the DEA". Realizing what a dangerous lunatic with no sense of boundaries I was conversing with, I switched to another ID so I could monitor what you were posting while staying anonymous, as you had previously posted of your love for guns and all things Glen Beck (confirming your lunacy) and I was scared for mine and my preacher's lives. Ya know, if you hadn't spoken the EXACT words to my preacher that you posted to me, the veil of guilt over your head might not be so clear to see. Pretty dumb, fraudz. I now know that you are a coward, as are most gun toting big mouth bigots, so I don't worry about you going postal at my church so much anymore. You need to stop complaining about being labeled a bigot or racist, when you wear these badges of hate on your chest. You tell watermelon jokes, you laugh it up with Jnichols, another known racist, about spearchuckers and such. You make fun of and hold homosexuals in disdain, you don't believe in equal rights, so why in the world do you complain about others pointing out who you are? Time to grow up and show some accountability for your actions. Repent now, you sad promoter of lies. Less

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      • Ya response is further proof of how brain damaged and delusional you are, but you will not change the discussion or the narrative of my post. Fact is, ya favorite information source is nothing but a RACIST infested, misogynistic, purveyor of propaganda, falsehood and distorted information network, and ya don't have the spine or the cajones to admit what influences ya ignorance and vitriolic disposition. This is a very disturbing tendency on all progs, and ya being revealed and exposed....bwahahahahahaha.

        This explains why ya full of angst, venom and lack of knowledge, which makes ya prone to attacking the TRUTH at all times, and also prone to intolerance, distorting and fabricating stories like they do over and ya prog sources of evil, and are BUSTED again.

        Ya post also explains why progs have NOTHING to offer, and why they ALWAYS attempt to change the narrative....TRUTH will always kick ya "Tukash", time and time again, and why progs will always have DUNG on their faces....bwahahahahahaha "Nice" try, but no cigars....hehehehehehehehe

        Let go of ya anger, repent and I guarantee you shall be blessed, IJMN. Give it a try, will ya.

        Cheese !!!

    • And what you say is what you mean....vs....What I say I hardly mean....

      Let me puke some venison about now...


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