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  • jnichols_962711 jnichols_962711 Feb 25, 2014 5:29 PM Flag

    MSNBC Confirms More Global Cooling


    To hit the USA due to a another polar vortex........Brrrr.......Time to break out the furs...

    WOW!!!! The earth sure is getting colder....

    LMWAO at all the Al Gore brainwashed "Fruit of the Loons"....


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    • The polar vortex is NOT Global COOLING. It's weather, not climate. It was predicted by the Farmers' Almanac. Most of the planet is still the warmest it has ever been. Your nonsense is merely partisan nonsense, intended to mislead, not scientific at all.

    • The people who support the fraudulent theory of man caused global warming can find a way to twist all cold weather into something caused by global warming Many of them do not know that what they call a polar vortex is a phenomena that has sent cold weather down to America long before many of the global warming crowd were born But like all great frauds, the idea of man caused global worming offers such opportunity for control and plunder of their fellows, that the global warming crowd just can't give it up.

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      • How can you deny the extreme weather? After all, when I was a kid we didn't have names for every storm front like we do today. That's a fact you can't deny.
        It's not like scientists friends of Al's were caught fudging the numbers at his behest...Oh, wait a minute, I guess they were.
        Well, we certainly didn't have times of mild winters and times of harsh winters like we do today...Uh, wait another minute, I just found out we did.
        Okay, well we certainly never had periods of drought before...Dang it, turns out we have.
        Okay, but you can't deny that we never gave names to every winter storm. The facts win again!

      • Re: "The people who support the fraudulent theory of man caused global warming ....."

        Yes, rodent, that would be about 98.5% of peer reviewed published scientists.

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    • Jnich, how did MSNBC confirm Global Cooling, by sticking a thermometer in your head and reading the temperature of your frozen brain? Thats not science it's propaganda, for the ignorant, like you.

    • Looks like a pole vortex has whacked jsn aka fp in the face

    • "Freezing January for Easterners Was Not Felt Round the World
      For people throughout the Eastern United States who spent January slipping, sliding and shivering, here is a counterintuitive fact: For the earth as a whole, it was the fourth-warmest January on record.

      It was, in fact, the 347th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average, the government reported Thursday.

      That may feel plausible to Californians, whose state experienced temperatures 10 or 15 degrees above normal in some places last month, and especially to Alaskans, where the average temperature was almost 15 degrees above normal.

      But on a map of January temperatures released Thursday by government weather analysts, the Eastern United States stood out as one of the coldest areas on the planet, compared with seasonal norms.. . .

      But this might be another surprise: Despite all the weather drama, it was not a January for the record books.

      By the time analysts averaged the heat in the West and the cold in the East, the national temperature for the month fell only one-tenth of a degree below the 20th-century average for January. January 2011 was colder.

      No state set a monthly record for January cold. Alabama, also walloped by the ice storms, came closest, with the fourth-coldest January on its record books.

      The United States covers only 2 percent of the surface of the globe, so what happens in this country does not have much influence on overall global temperatures."

    • You're an idiot. Global climate chaneg has always included extremes of cold and hot, flooding and drought. 97-99% of all top scientists in the world and the institutions that study climate, are in agreement. The ones who aren't are typically funded by the large energy companies and say what they are told. This is the biggest piece of poop on the board today.

    • YOU are a complete and utter moron... the Global AVERAGE temperature is what rises, not any individual season or storm or cold snap....Think about the droughts in Texas (probably one of your favorite states) or the entral Valley of California ( where a great deal of the food we eat is grown) or the melting of the Sea Ice t the poles, you science denying idiot.... 97% of climate scientists agree that the Earth is warming due to human activity... I bet you think that it's heavenly ordained and Fred Flintstone is a historical figure.....A piece of advice, since you don't believe in science, you shouldn't invest in anything that requires a basic understanding of science or a belief in the empirical process ... buy Walmart certainly shouldn't be invested here....

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      • The global average temperature as measured by all them there monitoring stations...Only, some of the most rural and remote monitoring stations are no longer around. Many other monitoring sites were once rural, but are now consumed in the sub-urban sprawls (cities are heat-sinks). These two factors alone will have a great effect upon perception of what the Global Average Temp. has been doing.

        As for sea ice at the poles, the south pole actually has been having growth for some time.

        The earth has cycles within cycles within cycles. A convergence of the drought end of the 7-10 year cycle and at the drought end of the 35-40 year cycle makes for a very dry southwest indeed. This will turn, and then again it will be man-made climate change causing all the flooding.

        I think one thing we can all agree upon is that cin_krud believes things because 'scientist' say it is so, and unable to think or debate, _krud resorts to ad hominem attacks to support his gifted position.

    • One cold winter in the last ten years doesn't mean global warming isn't real. And what exactly is your problem with global warming? Why deny it? how does it benefit you for it not to be true? They call it global warming because it covers the globe not just a very small part called the U.S. And lastly why are you even bringing it up on a bulletin board that is suppose to be for ACTC discussion? Get a life. All of you!

    • FP to Bob up and down on deme, perna, and jsn due to a pole vortex, course that's just fp being flexible and bobbin his own cork, with different names for it.

    • "To hit the USA due to a another polar vortex"

      Jnich, you poor backward thinking duffus, the earth actually warmed up this past year. Its called "Gobal Climate Change" for a reason, and that reason is the weather has shown extreme flucuations throughout the planet, but overall the planet is warming faster than would be normal ,due to green house gases, CO2. And this excess CO2 is being emitted into the atmosphere via human produced pollutants. Now this is a scientific fact thats been reported and confirmed by thousands of scientists, so if you wish to refute it go head, but you're wrong and stupid for doing so, just like the Catholic church when it put Galileo under house arrest for scientifically proving the earth rotated around the sun, not the other way around as the church subscribed to.

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