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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Mar 17, 2014 6:19 PM Flag

    The Russians and the rest of the world is laughing at us. The Dear Leader showrd those wascally Russians, Didn't he?

    ABC News headline:


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      by digby | Hullabaloo | 3/20/2014

      Roger Simon has written a funny piece about the right wingers' admiration and desire for manly, man Vladimir Putin:
      Our next president needs to be tough, resolute and no-nonsense.

      Our next president needs to be a person of clear intentions who will not cower in the face of our enemies or send mixed messages.

      Our next president must be dauntless, determined and daring.

      Our next president must be strong.

      If you have been reading editorials or listening to commentary, whether from the left or right, you know who that person is: Vladimir Putin.

      Read his rave reviews:

      Rudy Giuliani said recently of Putin: “[H]e makes a decision and he executes it, quickly. And then everybody reacts. That’s what you call a leader!”

      Sarah Palin: “People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans.”

      Charles Krauthammer: “Putin fully occupies vacuums. In Ukraine, he keeps flaunting his leverage.”

      On the left, there is this from The Washington Post editorial page: “While the United States has been retrenching, the tide of democracy in the world, which once seemed inexorable, has been receding. … As Mr. Putin ponders whether to advance further — into eastern Ukraine, say — he will measure the seriousness of U.S. and allied actions, not their statements.”

      Action! Strength! Might! Muscle! That is what we need. …….

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    • @mrlv426

      It's almost like our decade of illegal wars & bombings weakened us, impoverished us, and made us more likely to get attacked.

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      TOM KLUDT | TPM | MARCH 18, 2014

      Bill Kristol doesn't want to hear about how Americans are tired of war.

      The forever-bellicose Kristol writes in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard that all this talk of the country's "war-weariness" is nothing more than "an excuse to avoid maintaining our defenses or shouldering our responsibilities."

      Indeed, the consistently wrong pundit is right that most Americans these days don't share his longing for war. And he correctly notes that the wars he's spent the better part of the last decade advocating likely contributed to the nation's fatigue.

      A poll earlier this year found that even a majority of Republicans now view the Iraq War, a former Kristol-driven objective, as a failure. Nearly half of the country believes the war in Afghanistan was a mistake. And polls likewise show that few Americans back military action in Iran, a current Kristol-driven objective.

      But Kristol thinks someone should be courageous enough to try and change those poll numbers.

      "In fact, the idol of war-weariness can be challenged," Kristol writes "A war-weary public can be awakened and rallied. Indeed, events are right now doing the awakening. All that’s needed is the rallying. And the turnaround can be fast."

      Kristol notes that Ronald Reagan (who else?) "ran against both Democratic dovishness and Republican détente" in 1980, five years removed from the Vietnam War.

      By the time the next presidential election rolls around, Kristol fears it could be too late.

      The next president will be elected in 2016, 15 years after 9/11 and 5 years after our abandonment of Iraq and the beginning of the drawdown in Afghanistan. Pundits will say that it would be politically foolish to try to awaken Americans rather than cater to their alleged war-weariness. We can’t prove them wrong. Perhaps it would be easier for a Republican to win in 2016 running after the fashion of Warren Gamaliel Harding in 1920 rather than that of Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1980.

      Kristol closes with a plea for someone, preferably a Republican, to make Americans eager for war again.

      "Will no brave leader step forward to honorably awaken us from our unworthy sleep?" he writes.

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    • maybe the Dems can label Putin a racist because he disagrees with King Obama

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      • Re: "maybe the Dems can label Putin a racist because he disagrees with King Obama"

        usuck, you got behind the Roger Ailes curve here and are in danger of looking silly. It's not totally your fault because Roger did turn the RWNJs on a dime from your point above that we have a King Obama who has become a vicious Dictator who is ramming through Executive Orders and jamming everything down everyone's throats while he also virtually single-handedly goes about trying to destroy the Republican Party (as if the Repubs need any help doing that) to the new view that he is a feckless ineffective mom jeans leader who is being forced into the back seat by the beautiful strong manly man leader (but not Communist dictator) Putin who looks so commanding on his big horse.

        So, usuck, check the talking points each morning and get in the right line as to which Obama you are supposed to be talking abut each day.

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    • As much as the left and their obliging media derided Bush even he commanded more respect than Obama... To all left wingers out there: See if you can petition for a little better candidate next time around. You are embarrassing the U.S.A. Try to stay above the Community Organizer level.
      (TIP: Governors normally make the best chief executives. Candidates from the KGB do not qualify.)

    • Sosuama: Unfortunabely OIbama is much worse than a buffoon. He is a dedicated socialist/communist , who was raised by communist parents, taught by a communist mentor, and dislikes American free enterprise and prosperity intensely. He is too ignorant of economics and history to know that individual freedom to work and produce is the mainspring of human material progress, and instead he thinks prosperity comes from collectivism, so he supports and befriends dictators, communists and collectivists all over the globe, while the people unfortunate enough to live under such awful rulers suffer, riot in the streets, and make futile attempts to escape government oppression. He wants us to be more like them, and he has enough economically and historically ignorant and resentful people that support him to have been able to do a good bit toward destroying our prosperity and liberty.

    • of course- he is a buffoon - just like the losers out here who support him...

    • Ironic that the ones making the most of the world laughing at the US are the ones the world is laughing hardest at. If you actually talk to people around the world they are saying things like "my God you don't have universal healthcare. you carry guns, you don't have a viable retirement program, you don't believe in basic science, you won't fix your roads, you spend more money on a plane no one wants to fly than on schools, etc..."

    • Lonesome, the only reason that thet rest of the world would laugh at us is that they see all the RWNJ's, like you, mucking up democracy. And those that hate us the most in world love laugh the hardest, because they see you RWNJ's doing their job for them.

    • In all your frothing at the mouth you must have missed my post:
      According to the Republicans, President Obama is Strong, he is a Dictator, he is the so called “Messiah”, an Imperialist and worst of all America’s Enemy #1.

      But shockingly he is also weak, a Mama pant wearing wuzzy boy, pushed around by playground bullies, no back bone, no one respects him….blah blah

      Well RWNJs, which is it? He can’t be both, can he?

      I figured it out. President Obama is whatever Fox News decides him to be for the day. Subject to change daily…. It must be tough living in the bubble world you inhabit Loony Pole. Not too late to get medical help.

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