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  • bgreenbe72 bgreenbe72 Apr 8, 2014 5:35 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha Article

    What is your take on the latest Seeking Alpha article. Will they be able to get the funding to stay in business?

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    • No, Bg, they won't get the funding, so you'd better run along and forget you ever saw this stock.

    • bg, you have to remember, these SA articles are written by anyone. The ACTC ones seem to have an agenda, and as you have seen from the one regarding the patents, they are full of holes and inaccurate statements.

      Funding will come, either from dilutive or non-dilutive funds. They will stay in business and will progress to stage 2.

      The company replied to the last SA article on investor cell. The author then, tried to save face and ask another question as his whole article was peppered with inaccuracies. The patent guys at ACTC are solid.

      What people like you and everyone else needs to do is stop taking the SA articles at face value. They really are not worth anything. Positive or negative, they have too much bias and this penny stock takes a kicking because traders are not doing enough research... this board alone is a joke.

      An official peer review will come when the time is right.

      Take advice from the company and worry less about the day to day share price and look to the future. When they can shake all the #$%$ from being a penny stock and lose all the weak hands this company should do really well.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'm not wasting my time reading seeking alpha......these guys will stay in business ....they way they always have ......issuing shares....shady deals ..steppin on the little guys who shockingly have not organized and sued ......what a turd .... good for a flip only and too scary for even that right now.....30 mil in 2013 many shares is that at 6 cents